Comparing Film Simulation Recipes


I shoot JPEGs, but it’s not uncommon for me to shoot RAW+JPEG, since it gives me the opportunity to reprocess the picture in-camera, which is helpful when developing different film simulation recipes. Because of this, I was able to process a single picture I captured recently on my Fujifilm X-T30 using many of my different recipes to compare the differences. I thought that this might be helpful to some of you. Perhaps there’s one recipe that stands out to you in the pictures below that you’ve never used. Obviously different settings look better in different situations, and in this article there’s just one picture to compare, so even though you might not like how one recipe looks in this article doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t like it with different subject and in a different light. The scope of this article is quite limited, but I hope that seeing the various film simulation recipes applied to a single exposure is helpful to someone.

Not every recipe was used for this post. Some of them require a specific parameter that was not available. For example, the picture at the top was made using my HP5 Plus Push-Process recipe, which requires an ultra-high ISO, so it wasn’t possible to apply it to the exposure below. Other recipes, such as my faded color and faded monochrome, require double exposures. There are other film simulation recipes that you could try not represented below, and I invite you to investigate the different options to see if there’s one or more that work well for your photography. Let me know in the comments which film simulation recipe is your favorite and which in your opinion fits the exposure below best.





  1. fragglerocking · July 20

    Well that’s a hard choice to pick one! I think the vintage Kodakchrome is working best for me, and the agfa scala in the B&W. 🙂

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  2. Khürt Williams · July 20

    Dude! We must be connected in thought through the ether. After I trying your Kodacolor recipe, I took some photos this morning with the idea to write a post about your various Classic Chrome recipes. I was going to process the image in-camera via Fuji’s X RAW Studio and show examples with the same image. You beat me to it!


  3. · July 20

    Oh so many options… all looking great

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  4. alczer · July 21

    PRO Neg. Hi is the best for me here. I love both PRO Negs for their soft contrast. I don’t use any of your simulations though because they are not for everything and I don’t like switching between settings and I prefer one look for my images.

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    • Ritchie Roesch · July 21

      Thanks for the feedback! What is important is that you have found what works for you. That’s awesome!


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