New: Fujifilm X-S10

It seems like everyone is talking about the newly announced Fujifilm X-S10, an upcoming mid-range interchangeable-lens mirrorless camera with in-body image stabilization (IBIS). This new camera will be released on November 19 for $1,000 for the body-only.

The X-S10 is a new line, not just a new camera. Fujifilm obviously didn’t listen to my advice (I highly doubt they ever saw it). Really, Fujifilm should have added IBIS to the X-T30 and called it the X-T40, at least that’s what I suggested. Instead they made a new camera from scratch (is that what the “S” stands for?). Internally, the X-S10 is an X-T4 (Fujifilm’s high-end model). Externally, this is an X-T200 (Fujifilm’s low-end model) with a grip (I assume the grip is for heat dispersion more than anything). It seems like they put a Porsche engine inside a VW Bug.

The X-S10 is the X-T4, except smaller, lighter, not weather sealed, with only one memory card slot, and in a body similar to the X-T200 (but with a hand-grip). You get a pretty darn solid camera for a pretty decent price. But, you also get a PASM dial instead of the shutter and ISO dials. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? On the inside the X-S10 is a great camera, no doubt about it!

I don’t like the name, though. Did Fujifilm put their hand in a Scrabble bag and pull out an S? What does the S stand for? When I think of S10, I think of cheap Chevy trucks with questionable reliability and presumably lots of rust. That’s not a good association! Of course, if you say the full name, it sounds like “Excess 10” which perhaps is appropriate but not necessarily great from a marketing point-of-view. Maybe the S stands for Sony-killer, which is what I think Fujifilm hopes that this camera becomes. It seems pretty obvious that the Fujifilm X-S10 and the Sony A6500 will be direct competitors. The A6500 is aesthetically uninspiring, so despite my misgivings about the X-S10’s body design, it still wins hands down over the Sony model, in my opinion. Most likely, the S stands for stabilized, as this camera joins a small list of Fujifilm cameras that have IBIS.

Interestingly, Fujifilm also announced a new 10-24mm f/4 lens, which is simply an update to a lens they’ve had for awhile. The new version is weather-sealed. There are a few other small improvements, but weather sealing is the big one. Apparently at some point you’ll be able to buy the X-S10 bundled with the new 10-24mm lens, but the X-S10 isn’t weather sealed, so you might be better off buying the old version of the lens instead, if you plan to use it with that camera.

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  1. Marc Beebe · October 16, 2020

    You’ve hit on something that has puzzled me a long time: how do manufacturers pick model names? They’re all guilty of presenting a bewildering array of editions seemingly designated by a random collection of letters and numbers, yet always with just a hint that there’s some logic to it.
    The Scrabble bag explanation could well be the answer!
    As for this latest Fuji … Looks like a solution in search of a problem.

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 17, 2020

      I think the “Excess 10” is intended for, and will be marketed towards, non-Fujifilm photographers (specifically Sony, and perhaps Olympus). There are some Fujifilm photographers who have been hoping for an X-T30 with IBIS, and they’ll buy this one and and like it, but won’t be 100% happy with it. There are some X-T100 and X-A5 photographers who will upgrade to this camera and love it. But by and large, Fujifilm photographers won’t be the ones buying this camera. And that’s a risk that could pay off, or not. My “issue” with it is that Fujifilm is giving up a little of what makes them special and unique, which is where a big part of their success has come from, in order to attempt at enlarging their market share. It might work, but I hope that they don’t lose their soul in the process. If we wanted a Sony camera, would have purchased one. There’s no need to “become more like them” in order to get more success. That’s the wrong philosophy, and maybe that’s not Fujifilm’s philosophy, but with this camera it seems like it could be.

  2. yukosteel · October 17, 2020

    Great thoughts on Fuji X-S10! Yes it’s a smaller version of X-T4 refined in an interesting way to increase number of new Fuji X fans, and from that perspective I think Fuji did very strong move.
    Personally, I also feel a bit sad about PASM, but at the same time curious how that empty dials can be programmed.
    It’s nice to see that common tripod plate can be mounted permanently, without a need of removing it for battery replacement, though with IBIS it may be rare case of tripod use for me.
    It’s impressive how small is this camera comparing to Fuji X-E2s, should be also jacket pocketable with XF 27mm.

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 17, 2020

      I do think that there’s a good market for a mid-level camera with IBIS, an X-T4 junior. But I wish it was modeled more after the X-T30 than the X-T200. Still, there are some good design features on this camera. There are people who will love it.

      • yukosteel · October 17, 2020

        I’m wondering how Fuji X-E4 will look like. So far Fuji X-S10 design made me move toward X100V + X-E2s instead of purchasing it.

      • Ritchie Roesch · October 17, 2020

        I think the X-E4 will be similar to the X-E3 with only small changes. I could be wrong.

      • Scott · October 18, 2020

        I love my X-E3, and have been looking forward to a new X-E4, but the last rumors I read about said that the the whole XE series was canceled. I hope that’s not true.
        Do you have any newer information?

      • Ritchie Roesch · October 21, 2020

        Fujirumors is reporting that the X-E4 will be released sometime within the next 6 months or so.

      • Scott · October 22, 2020

        I hope Fujirumors is correct.
        If the X-E4 is an X-E3 with an updated sensor and IBIS, they can take my money.

      • Ritchie Roesch · October 25, 2020

        It would be a great camera, no doubt!

  3. Jim Van Hoy · October 17, 2020

    At that price, the S-X10 is competing directly with smart phone cameras. Seems to me we will see more of this action. Too bad this model is not weather proof.

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 17, 2020

      The X-T4 is weather sealed….

      • Ingimundur · November 24, 2020

        And yet has it´s sealing limitations, check Scottish test, where water seems to have leaked between XT4 camera and lens… Used to own a XE3, witout sealing, never issues but was sensible

      • Ritchie Roesch · November 24, 2020

        That’s really too bad. I’m definitely still a little nervous when I’m out in the rain with a weather sealed camera. You hope it works, but you just never know….

  4. veijom · October 17, 2020

    For me ANY camera that uses old viewfinder technology is useless. I once had Samsung NX series camera, actually the first iteration. What was the first thing that was outdated? Also I got a Panasonic’s early M43 body. Guess what was the first thing that fealt being outdated? When I bought X-H1 one of the main driving factor was a viewfinder that would not be outdated so soon. And this year they still pick up an outdated viewfinder for new models. Even without weather sealing this S10 is the second camera that looks like made for long lenses and thus nature photography. But that viewfinder! I personally like X-H1 -style having a top plate display and dislike the unergonomic style of the XT-series. But this XS10 is not for me and my only hope, though probably very expensive again, will be the successor of XH1. Personally I don’t get it that for who this camera is planned for…

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 17, 2020

      I used to have a Samsung NX200 and NX210. I know what you mean.

      I think Fujifilm wanted to stuff an X-T4 (because of its features) into a cheaper body to make it more affordable to encourage people (specifically, Sony shooters) to switch to Fujifilm. I’m not sure that this was the best idea, but time will tell.

      • veijom · October 18, 2020

        I personally don’t see a possibility to tempt so many Sony shooters to switch to Fuji with “only” a similar product. But I would see a huge potential in Canon APS-C dslr users wanting to find a mirrorless camera after Canon “abandoned” them. The body of S10 is “talking” the language of those cameras and sadly the decision of using a mediocre viewfinder is right from the Canon stable. No doubt the ergonomics of this model will sell, but however this body sells I think Fuji has hard time to make conclusions what decisions affected the sales and in which direction. I mean this is the first of it’s kind and differs in many areas from the XT-series. If it sells well, Fuji doesn’t really know what caused it. And if it doesn’t sell well, what could be the conclusions? XH1 probably was about to be abandoned because it sold badly. And the reason was not in the camera but Fuji’s decision to offer better features in cheaper body within couple of months after it’s introduction. And I see flawed business thinking within Fuji to test the waters with an unbelievably expensive prime telephoto and hold producing middle priced telephotos like 300mm F4 because that luxury telephoto didn’t sell well. Time will tell, but personally I hope that the saga of XH1 continues as it still is the only camera body from Fuji that I like. Pro series tempts me too from different viewpoint but IBIS is a must with a body costing so much for me. Still, the rumored successor of XE-series is a card I anxiously wait to see revealed. Hopefully that one will get a good modern viewfinder and IBIS, even if the price hikes a bit higher.

      • Ritchie Roesch · October 21, 2020

        Some of Fujifilm’s timing and decisions are puzzling. I hope for an X-H2, but Fujifilm must do something to separate it from the X-T4. I don’t think Fujifilm will put IBIS into the X-E line, but you never know. I think the X-E4 or X-T40 should have IBIS, to better distinguish one from the other.

  5. Scott · October 17, 2020

    Sooo, no shutter speed dial, no ISO dial, but there is that, um, whatsit dial.
    What is it?

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 17, 2020

      There’s a PASM dial and two… um, customizable ones. My preference is the layout of the X-T30, and if Fujifilm had done it, Fujifilm shooters would be more excited for this camera. I don’t think this camera is intended to appeal to Fujifilm shooters, but a different group altogether.

  6. Jimmy · October 17, 2020

    A new camera is all well and good, but personally I’m waiting for a firmware update that gives the X-Pro3 the jpeg options of the X-T4. I’m also looking forward to the 27mm Mk2

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 17, 2020

      Yes, you bring up an excellent point! Fujifilm doesn’t need to be in a hurry to introduce new cameras. Instead, some firmware updates can breath new life and excitement into existing models.

      • JK · October 19, 2020

        Well, Fujiflm is in business of selling cameras, and new cameras sell better that old models. A new model is the only way to get proper margin for a while and new stuff to discount later. Once that fancy new model is discounted once, everyone is waiting for the next Black Friday, Cashback campaign, etc., full price sales plunge and never come back.

        Personally I welcome the PASM dial. From UX standpoint the traditional exposure triangle setup is a nightmare: the permutations of auto and anything-but-auto selections for shutter speed, aperture and ISO and resulting program modes are impossible to explain to a novice. Single mode selector and two configurable dials are far easier to understand. And less prone to accidents and confusion to us more advanced user too. Three custom settings on that dial is also quicker than Q menu, and ultimately: this is the way all other cameras work. For a lesson in camera UX, check how a modern Leica camera works.

        Wonder how they handle the contradiction when the user selects S from the dial and still has an aperture selected manually from the lens barrel?

      • Ritchie Roesch · October 21, 2020

        For many, many decades, new models of cameras weren’t released every year, but one model might be manufactured and sold for five years or more. It’s the digital revolution, with quickly advancing technology, that has created this one-to-two-year cycle of replacing gear. But I think the advancements have reached a point of diminishing returns. It would be better for camera manufacturers to slow down, and simply create new excitement over “older” models by updating the software–Fujifilm especially. For example, they’re still making and selling the X-T3 and X-T30, but they could give them a nice software update that would generate more sales for those models. There are models that they’ve stopped production on (X-H1, X-E3, for example) that they didn’t need to, they could have updated the software and kept cranking ’em out the assembly line, if they had a good firmware refresh.
        If the lens is not on “A” then the camera is only auto-ing the ISO (if it’s set in Auto, otherwise it’s like being set to M).

  7. Khürt Williams · October 19, 2020

    The XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR is exciting. Ever since I rented the previous iteration of this lens a few years ago, I have wanted a water-resistant version.

    I switched to Fuji because of the dials give me quick access to ISO and shutter speed. I have no interest in the X-S10 or any camera without those controls.

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 21, 2020

      My wife has the 10-24mm f/4 and she really likes it. The new model makes a lot of sense for weather-sealed cameras. Marking the aperture was a good choice, I don’t understand why they didn’t do that in the first place.

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  9. Jun Park · December 5, 2020

    Before I used to use T100 and T2. And now I have H1, Pro2 and (ricoh)GR3. The H1 makes me look professional. But, it is heavy and hurts the wrist. Sometimes users of other brands (Sony, Canon) laugh at the heavy APS-C body. While feeling tired of H1, I am interested in the cheap S10 with IBIS. The T4 is too expensive! Moreover, the result of the photo will be the same. The dial is disappointing, but I have no choice. Other cameras with IBIS in this size coming soon?

    • Ritchie Roesch · December 6, 2020

      I really wish Fujifilm had put the X-S10 in an X-T30 body and called it the X-T40. But, apparently, sales of the X-S10 have been good, so there’s a reason why I’m not a camera company and they are. Reviews of the X-S10 have been very positive, so it must be a worthwhile camera.

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