The Fuji X Weekly App is Now Compatible With Android 9!

Just a quick update: the Fuji X Weekly — Film Recipes App for Android is now compatible with Android 9! Many of you who tried to download it but couldn’t (because it wasn’t available for your device) now can. Yea! We’re working on the possibility of making the app compatible with Android 8, but right now, if you have Android 9 or newer, you can download the app today. Google also made the app searchable in the Play Store, so you can simply search Fuji X Weekly, or follow the direct link.


  1. jgr1ff1n · March 4


    Love the site, updates, and new Android app. I just wish the paid version was a 1 time fee, not subscription. I’d be willing to pay 20$, but not annually, and also I’m a bit against subscriptions in general, I wouldn’t sign up then cancel, I just wouldnt’ sign up.

    Also, what’s including in the paid app? It mentions early inside recipes and filtering. What about favoriting? Saving my own recipes? Can you filter by all the columns, or just some? You should highlight these features on the app so someone is more likely to pay.

    Just my .02.

    Thanks Jon

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    • Ritchie Roesch · March 4

      The Patron subscription is just a way to support what I’m doing if you’ve found it useful. The Patron subscription unlocks the ability to Favorite recipes, filter by sensor or camera and by film simulation or color/b&w, as well as early access to some new recipes.
      There’s an update coming later in the year that will make the app even better, with new functions and features. Saving your own recipes will be one of those new features.
      I appreciate the suggestions and feedback!


  2. Darek Sądaj · March 4

    Star (add to favorites) button not working, can you fix it?

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  3. Martin Tolley · March 5

    Thanks very much for your hard and impressive work here Ritchie. It is much appreciated – now on my phone and tablet. Just need to be allowed outside again (!) to experiment with some of these.

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  4. Francis.R. · March 5

    Thank you for your generosity to share with us, Ritchie. I know it is not easy as Samsung itself cannot afford to update the android version for older devices, an advantage iOS has over Android. Kind regards ^^


  5. Ken MacGray · March 5

    Bug in the android app: The sort by name / date toggle doesn’t stick between sessions and always defaults to date when the app is opened. If I switch to name, it’s back to date again the next time I open the app. The iOS version remembers the chosen sort between sessions.

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  6. shuttersoundtr · March 5

    Thanks, nice work, but I want to give you some advice. Isn’t a boss subscription a bit unnecessary to bookmark and filter the recipes? Of course, special recipes for bosses may be paid, this is normal. But I guess it’s not fair to pay for simple filtering and favorites. 🙂 Please don’t hurt me just wrote my thought 🙂 happy days

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    • Ritchie Roesch · March 7

      I appreciate the feedback! I hope to move some of the Patron features to the free side once new Patron features are added in future updates. The app, both the free and Patron side, will get better, for certain. But none of it is possible without the support of the Patrons.

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      • shuttersoundtr · March 7

        Yes you are right, we hope it will get better with time. I glad to hear that news. As boss features improve, there will be stronger reasons to buy. Thanks 🙂

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