New: Fuji X Weekly Community Recipes!

Can’t get enough film simulation recipes? Have one you want to share? Want to see what others are doing with their Fujifilm cameras? The new Fuji X Weekly Community Recipes page is for you!

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are creating film simulation recipes and sharing them on their social media accounts, but they’re easily lost and forgotten. I wanted to create a place where you can share your recipes, and where you can find recipes created by others. That’s the idea behind the Fuji X Weekly Community Page—this is a library of film simulation recipes created by you and for you!

This project has been in the works for many months. It’s been a labor of love. Web developer and Fujifilm photographer Daniele Petrarolo (website, Instagram) partnered with me to make this a reality. He really put a lot of time and skill into this. Definitely, if you need a website built, visit his page and send him an email! He’s also talented with a camera, so be sure to check out his pictures! Without him, the community recipes page would still be a long ways off and not nearly as good. Marcel Fraij, Thomas Schwab, Julien Sorosac, and others (including my kids!) also had a hand in making this project come to fruition. I want to give a big “thank you” to everyone who participated in this.

If you want even more film simulation recipes for your Fujifilm camera, or if you’ve created a recipe that you want to share, or if you just want to check out some pictures captured by others, be sure to visit the Fuji X Weekly Community Recipes Page! My hope is that this will become a great resource for the Fujifilm community. Be sure to bookmark it and check it often!


  1. Khürt Williams · 29 Days Ago


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  2. marcelfraij · 29 Days Ago

    A top initiative, well thought out and beautifully and accessiblely designed. I hope more people join in and add recipes. Thank you Ritchie for the opportunity to be a small part of this!

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  3. skatercorpse · 29 Days Ago

    An improvement I can already suggest: filtering.
    If for example you filter by Camera model, and choose X-t30 you get recipes that actually don’t work with the x-t30.
    Same sensor as others, but with less options unfortunately.
    We are hoping for a firmware update, I know you are also waiting for it 😀

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    • Khürt Williams · 29 Days Ago

      Hmm. Now you have me thinking the Fuji X Weekly app needs an update to add community recipe submissions. Ritchie?

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    • Ritchie Roesch · 29 Days Ago

      Filtering is definitely a tricky thing, because with each sensor generation there are cameras that are “exceptions”. I do hope that Fujifilm rectifies this for the X-T30 and X-T3. I appreciate the feedback!


    • walker · 28 Days Ago

      I think RR looks ahead ;-P … so I’m pretty sure the fw update will come

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  4. aaditya sharma · 29 Days Ago

    How I love the fuji community… great initiative, clean website, and talented people.

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  5. Nicolas · 29 Days Ago

    Great idea! But I cannot open the website! It stays blank. Address is correct

    Any idea why?

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  6. Ken MacGray · 29 Days Ago

    1. The site is very slow, especially on mobile. All those needless transitions are glacial when using the back button, and when I do go back, the page sometimes isn’t fully loaded.

    2. Why is this a separate site with a completely separate design? Why not roll it up under the existing FXW brand?

    3. There’s no RSS feed, which means one has to constantly return to the site to see if there’s anything new. 😦

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  7. Joshua KImbrough · 28 Days Ago

    First off , you’re amazing Ritchie !

    Second .. I just discovered the Ricoh Recipe page .. do GR 2/GR1 recipes work on the GR 3 ?
    Like how X-Trans 3/2/1 recipes work on X-Trans 4 ?

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    • Ritchie Roesch · 28 Days Ago

      No. GR & GR II recipes won’t work on GR III cameras, and GR III recipes won’t work on GR & GR II. They’re pretty significantly different. I appreciate your kind words!


  8. Jay Abramson · 28 Days Ago

    Ritchie, ever think about putting up a how-to as either a blog post or in the Community Recipes page explaining the process of recipe creation, such as, is it just done in camera, do you use the X-Raw studio (I’m guessing not because you’ve never mentioned that), or anything else that might interest your viewers? Might be a good You Tube video. I haven’t seen any of the bazillion Fuji videos talk about that.

    Love the site; you are doing great work here!

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    • Ritchie Roesch · 27 Days Ago

      That’s a great idea! Thanks for the wonderful suggestion and kind words!


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