Creative Collective 026: Using Color for Dramatic Pictures

The Big Ocean Fort Stevens SP, ORFujifilm X-E4 – “Fujicolor Super HG

Want the subject in your picture to stand out? There are a few tricks: leading lines, composition, contrast, and color theory (an underutilized tool that seems to be used more often by accident than on purpose). Of course, the problem with color theory is that it can get complex and there are varying schools of thought. There are entire classes in college dedicated to this subject. I prefer simplicity, so we’ll take the easy route as we dive into color theory for photography.

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  1. Khürt Williams · June 23, 2022

    Pretty cool way to use the recipes.

  2. victorsantanaestevanez · January 24

    I’m learning a lot with the Creative Collective.

    Thanks for everything, Ritchie!

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