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Announcement Coming Tuesday!

The picture above is the third and final clue of what’s coming on December 1st. In case you missed it, the first clue is here and the second is here. The full announcement with all of the details will be in just a couple of days, on November 24th. Be sure to check Fuji X […]

Fujifilm Used My Photo!

Did you see this? Fujifilm used one of my pictures! They, of course, received my permission first. And, yes, that means I have spoken with Fujifilm, and they know that this website exists. I’m not sponsored by them or have any official association—I’m not an X-Photographer, for example. It’s good to know that they know […]

How To Add Film Simulation Recipes To Your Fujifilm Camera

I’ve published over 100 film simulation recipes for Fujifilm X cameras, but I’ve never explained how to program them—the practical side of entering the data into the gear. How do you add a recipe to your camera? If you don’t know how, this article is for you! Most Fujifilm cameras allow you to store up […]

Photo Contest & Sweepstakes

I just wanted to pass along to you two things: there’s a photo contest and sweepstakes that you can enter if you’d like. I’m not a huge fan of photo contests in general. The idea is great, but the execution is often awful. There are a few different types. Some artist association will have a […]

Fujifilm X100V Film Simulation Recipe: Superia Xtra 400

I’ve had a lot of requests for a Superia Xtra 400 film simulation recipe. Fujifilm introduced Superia Xtra 400, a consumer-grade color negative film, in 1998, replacing Super G Plus 400. This film has been updated a couple of times, first in 2003 and again in 2006. It’s been widely used, thanks to its low […]

Recipe Custom Name Format

An issue that many people have found with the different film simulation recipes is knowing what to adjust the White Balance Shift to, as well as knowing what the exposure compensation should be, when changing recipes. Only the newest Fujifilm cameras (the X-Pro3 and newer) have the ability to save the WB Shift with the […]

Film Simulation Recipe Cards, Part 2!

Part 1 Oleksii Prytuhin has done it again! He created 9 more Film Simulation Recipe Cards to add to your collection! I cannot tell you just how incredibly popular these are! The first 12 Film Simulation Recipe Cards that Oleksii created have been downloaded over 20,000 times! Even Fujirumors shared it. It’s such a great idea! […]

Something’s Coming!

Something big is coming! Stay tuned. If you don’t follow Fuji X Weekly, be sure to do so! Look for the “Follow” icon on the bottom-right, or below if you keep scrolling down past this post. You can find Fuji X Weekly on Instagram and YouTube.

Fujifilm X100V Film Simulation Recipe: Kodak Portra 800

Kodak introduced Portra 800 in 1998. The Portra line has seen a number of revisions and updates over the years, but I couldn’t find any information if the current Portra 800 film is the exact same emulsion from 1998, or if it’s gone through some changes over the years like the ISO 400 and 160 […]

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