Creative Collective Corner

Welcome to the Fuji X Weekly Creative Collective Corner! This is a collection of all the Creative Collective articles, which only Creative Collective subscribers can read.

The Creative Collective is a bonus-content subscription, where you get access to extra articles. What kind of content is a part of the Creative Collective? These articles are largely exercises in creativity. They’re experiments, focused on trying new things, and they’re invitations for you to do it, too. We dive deeper into settings and techniques. We go down some rabbit holes just to see where they go. This is a journey, and it will be interesting to see what we discover together. Whether you are an experienced Fujifilm shooter or brand-new to photography, there is something for everyone. If you want to adventure with me on this, the Fuji X Weekly Creative Collective is only $2 (USD) per month.

I usually post between 15 and 25 articles each month that are free to everyone—this includes film simulation recipes. I’m not sponsored by anyone. Fujifilm doesn’t sponsor this website, nor does B&H, KEH, or anybody else. I don’t get paid for the content that I publish, other than a little ad revenue, which isn’t much and barely covers the expenses of web hosting and such. These additional articles are bonus content for Creative Collective subscribers, and are in addition to the regular 15 to 25 articles that I will continue to publish each month. If you subscribe, there’s even more Fuji X Weekly articles for you to enjoy!

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