Fujifilm X-Trans II Recipes

These film simulation recipes are intended for Fujifilm X-Trans II cameras, such as the X100S, X100T, X-E2, X-E2S, X-T1, X-T10, X70, X20, X30, XQ1, and XQ2. Not all of these recipes are compatible with every X-Trans II camera, because some of the older X-Trans II models don’t have all of the film simulations that later ones have. Some of these recipes will work on X-Trans I and Bayer cameras with slightly different results. Feel free to try X-Trans I, EXR-CMOS and Bayer recipes on your X-Trans II camera, although results will be slightly different.

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  1. Ivan · January 20, 2021

    For some reason my X-T1 does not have color settings such as adjusting red or blue as suggested in this post. Currently running latest firmware.

    • Ritchie Roesch · January 20, 2021

      It’s the White Balance menu. This should help:


      • Keir Dullea · January 27, 2021

        Aahh, there’s the (unfortunate) answer: “Most Fujifilm cameras do not have the ability to save White Balance Shifts within Custom Presets. Most of my Film Simulation Recipes require a Shift, yet you cannot save the Shift, so each time you change Recipes you must manually adjust the Shift.”

      • Ritchie Roesch · January 27, 2021

        Yeah, it’s too bad. It doesn’t make it impossible, just a bit inconvenient, unfortunately.

  2. Keir Dullea · January 27, 2021

    I have the same problem. When I enter the menu to adjust the custom settings and I reach white balance, I can only choose between Auto and so on, but I cannot adjust the blue or the red specifically.

    • Guy Fraser · May 14, 2022

      You can’t adjust the red and blue when you’re editing/creating a custom setting, you need to back out of there and go into IQ White Balance where you can arrow right and make the adjustments to the red and blue. Basically the Red/Blue adjustment happens outside of the custom setting at the White Balance stage, so if you’re switching between custom settings you might want to check your white balance settings are right on. Just like you need to do with the exposure settings when jumping between custom settings.

  3. Truong Hoang · March 25, 2021

    So love these recipes, would you do some handbook or pocket book that have some recipes for certain fuju camera? I would love to buy and support if you consider to make some!

    • Ritchie Roesch · March 28, 2021

      I appreciate the encouragement, suggestion and support! Maybe someday I will publish some books, that would be great!

  4. Lars · April 26, 2021

    Hi Richie, many people seem to love the X-trans II sensor because of the filmic and slightly warmer look. I think about buying a x100t. The x100v is too expensive for me. What do you think about this camera? Currently I shoot with a 6D mark ii and an xf10. Will it be very different from the xf10 as far as Image quality is concerned? Regards Lars

    • Ritchie Roesch · April 27, 2021

      The X100T will be similar to the XF10. The X100T is a higher-end model than the XF10, but also older. I think image quality will be pretty similar, but not identical. If you like the XF10, I imagine that you’ll equally like the X100T, and perhaps enjoy it a little more than the XF10. I hope this is helpful.

  5. Lars · April 28, 2021

    Yes, it helped a lot. Thanks Ritchie 👍🏻

  6. Hongjung PARK · July 30, 2021

    I have X20. thank you for posting old cameras

  7. Marek · August 10, 2021

    Hi Ritchie. I absolutely love your work with these recipes. Just recently stumbled across your site and when I saw your images I couldnt resist – I had to try them:) So I dusted my trusty X-E2S and started shooting. I cant remember the last time i had so much fun trying different simulations for different scenarios and the results – they are all amazing. You brought the joy of photography to my life again and for that I am grateful 🙂 Maybe one question: Are you planning to create a Portra 400 recipe for Trans II sensor?? That one brings so many memories. I have tried to recreate it myself, but the settings still elude me. Thank you for all your work and I am so excited to see new recipes.

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 10, 2021

      Thank you! I hope to make an X-Trans II Portra 400. I tried once unsuccessfully, but I won’t give up. I appreciate your kind words!

  8. Mochan · November 18, 2021

    Ritchie, do you plan to make an acros recipe for x-trans ii cameras? would love to shoot it.

    • Ritchie Roesch · November 19, 2021

      That would be amazing! I would have to think carefully how that could be done. I appreciate the suggestion!

  9. Lars · December 8, 2021

    Hi Ritchie,
    I wonder what’s your favorite go to recipe for X-trans II (colour)? And what would you use on overcast and dull days?
    Cheers, Lars

    • Ritchie Roesch · December 10, 2021

      My go-to recipe for X-Trans II is actually the Bayer Classic Chrome recipe. For overcast, try the original Classic Chrome recipe for X-Trans II.

      • Lars · December 10, 2021

        Thank you. I’ll try this out 👍🏻

  10. Ken · April 18, 2022

    Hey, I just tried the portra 160 and the portra V2 and absolutely love them on my X100T. I was just wondering if you still plan on working on a portra 400 recipe for the X TRANS 2 sensor. I just love the look of portra 400. Greetings from Germany, Ken

    • Ritchie Roesch · April 18, 2022

      Thanks! I was working on one, but got a nasty dust spot on my X-T1 sensor. I need to clean it, but haven’t gotten around to it. As soon as I do I’ll work on it more. Thanks so much for your input!

  11. Evan · August 10, 2022

    What film simulation i can use instead classic chrome . Cause my x100s , have not this simulation.

  12. Sharon · August 29, 2022

    Hi there, love your film simulation recipes. First time Fujifilm user here with my purchase of the X70 – can I create these recipes on the X70? Thanks!

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 29, 2022

      Yes! These X-Trans II recipes are compatible with your camera. I also just purchased an X70, so that I can create even more X-Trans II recipes. It arrives from Japan in a couple of weeks.

  13. Joseph · September 5, 2022

    Hello, any chance of a Fuji 250T recipe for the x-trans ii? I’m looking for it or something similar

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 5, 2022

      That’s a very interesting suggestion. I’ll add that to my list. Thanks for the input!

  14. Jerome · December 23

    Hello Ritchie,
    I love your work and would like to be able to do some tweek myself. I have identified some recipes for younger sensors that I’d like to bring on my X-E2. What would be your recommendations to orient experimental exercise in the right way? What would be the must know information to have in mind.
    Thanks you very much

    • Ritchie Roesch · December 27

      X-Trans II is a little warmer. Highlight isn’t identical, and the curve in general is slightly different. Obviously X-Trans II is missing a number of options found on the newer cameras. I think for some recipes you can get close, and for others it’s not as possible.

  15. Nathan · July 9

    I can’t seem to find how to edit film sims on a X100s

    Is this possible?

    • Ritchie Roesch · July 10

      Are you asking about saving Film Simulation Recipes into C1-C7 or reprocessing RAW files in-camera?

      • Nathan · July 11

        Saving film simulation, I have googled it but it asks for the IQ menu but I don’t seem to have it on the x100s

      • Ritchie Roesch · July 12

        Press the Menu/OK button, and the first couple of pages are the IQ subset. I think about page 72 in your owner’s manual is where you’ll want to look.

  16. LEO · 24 Days Ago

    Why can’t save while balance in my XT10 for Custom Setting

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