Snake River Through Twin Falls – Twin Falls, ID – Fujifilm X-T30 & 35mm

I’m amazed at how big the Fuji X Weekly blog has become. When I started this website I thought it was going to have a handful of subscribers and maybe a couple hundred views daily, maybe. I never imagined it becoming what it is now.

I transformed the blog from the original concept, which was initially a Fujifilm X100F journal, expanding it to all things Fujifilm, but focused on my personal experiences with the brand. Of course, the big thing is all the film simulation recipes. That’s the reason why most people found this blog and what a lot of people appreciate about it. The top 15 most viewed posts of all time are related to film simulation recipes. I’m always getting requests for different film simulations. I really wish that I had more time to focus on creating all sorts of different recipes. There are a few that I’m currently working on as time allows.

The month of May was a big one for Fuji X Weekly. It seemed as though monthly viewership had plateaued. For five straight months this blog received over 40,000 views, but never reaching the 50,000 mark. This last month, however, saw over 57,000 views from over 15,000 unique visitors. There are also over 300 subscribers now. The total views this year has already surpassed last year’s total. May was amazing! All of this is way beyond what I ever thought possible.

I appreciate all of you. I’m so happy you have chosen to be a part of this blog. I have several things that I’m hoping to implement in the coming weeks and months to make Fuji X Weekly even better. And stay tuned for more film simulation recipes, because I will continue to create them. There’s obviously a need, and I’m happy to help with that. Thank you for supporting this website. Thank you, Fuji X Weekly readers, for visiting, commenting, and sharing. I’m just an ordinary guy doing this, you all are extraordinary and make this what it is.

A side note that I’d like to pass on is a photo contest on Instagram (not by me, I’m not affiliated with it whatsoever). You can find the details on Instagram @meerophoto or by visiting fisheyemagazine.fr. The winner gets a Fujifilm X-T30. Check it out if that’s something you are interested in participating in. If one of you happens to win, be sure to let me know.

Introducing the Fuji X Weekly Vlog!

My wife has been telling me for awhile now that I should be on YouTube. She’s completely right about that! Almost two billion people worldwide watch YouTube videos regularly, and about one billion hours of YouTube video content is watched daily. YouTube is the #2 search engine, only behind Google. More than half of YouTube views are on a phone, tablet or other mobile device. There are a ton of statistics which demonstrate that those under the age of 50 are spending a lot of time watching YouTube videos, and about half of those videos are uploaded by people and not companies. There’s a massive audience I’m missing by avoiding YouTube!

I like to joke that I have a face for radio and a voice for print. That’s all in fun, but the truth is that I don’t have the eccentric personality to be a video star. I’m just a regular Joe. I don’t look or sound the part, and so I prefer not to be a video guy. I like to write and I’m pretty good at it. Even though I hunt-and-peck, I’m comfortable and happy typing out paragraphs. I like that I can lay out my thoughts in a clear and organized manor, and it’s easy to change the words if I didn’t communicate something well. I will continue to write the Fuji X Weekly blog because I love doing this!

When it comes to photography, there’s a lot of long-winded content on YouTube. Most videos exceed five minutes, many exceed 10 minutes and some seem to go on forever! That’s good sometimes, but what I often prefer, and I figures others might feel the same way, is content that’s short and to the point. I often don’t have time for ramblings. I feel that there is a need for quality photography-related videos that are under two minutes long, that get right to the point and concisely explain things. That’s my vision for the Fuji X Weekly vlog. I want to produce short videos that are mobile device friendly, that are interesting yet informative, and, perhaps most importantly, don’t feature me rambling on.

I just started the Fuji X Weekly vlog a couple of days ago. I think it will be a good companion to the Fuji X Weekly blog. I hope that it will reach some new people, perhaps some folks who wouldn’t normally go to an “old-fashioned” blog, but would definitely look at a video. I hope that it’s a fresh way to view my content, pictures and ideas. I’ve made three videos so far, which I’ve included below. Feel free to like and share them. Please subscribe so that you don’t miss anything! I appreciate any feedback that you have. Hopefully it just gets better and better as time goes on, because I’m very new to this whole video-making stuff. I hope that you enjoy!