How to Solve Fujifilm’s Cam Remote App Not Connecting to iPhone

I posted a comical Reel on my Instagram account about the much maligned Fujifilm Cam Remote App, and it clearly struck a nerve. Between all of the social media accounts where I posted the short video, I had over 3,000 reactions (hearts, thumbs up, etc., etc.) and about 350 comments, which is a lot more than usual. Most of the comments were in agreement: the Cam Remote App is frustrating, and doesn’t seem to work well. By far, the biggest issue is getting the camera to even connect to the app. It often takes several tries before it will work, if it does at all. There have been times that, despite my best efforts, I just couldn’t get it to work, and I gave up trying to connect the camera to the app.

It’s really unfortunate that I cannot get the app to work sometimes—and when I can it is often a frustrating experience—because it is an important part of my workflow. I shoot with Film Simulation Recipes, then transfer the JPEGs off my camera and to my phone using the Cam Remote app, straighten and/or crop if necessary, and then upload to cloud storage. 99% of the time that is the full extent of my photographic workflow. When I can’t get the app to work, it’s a significant issue for me.

I haven’t always had trouble with Fujifilm’s Cam Remote app. Years ago I would receive reports from people stating that the app sucks, but I didn’t share those experiences; however, the problems began to show up after I purchased my Fujifilm X-T30. Then it got worse and worse. What changed? I think two things: Bluetooth and multiple bodies. In my experience, the Bluetooth feature is sometimes the cause of the hangup. Also, the app didn’t seem to like when I connected to one camera and then tried to connect to another camera right afterwards. So using the app for multiple cameras, and especially if one or more of those cameras have Bluetooth, is where it went wrong for me. It could be other problems, too, that I’m just not aware of.

While most of the comments to my Reel were in agreement, there were some who reported a different experience. A small number seem to have no issues with the app at all. It could be that they are using only one camera (and not multiple) and/or they don’t have Bluetooth models, but that’s just a guess. A few of the comments and messages that I received suggested that it was user error. Someone even told me the reason why I was having trouble is because I’m technologically inept and perhaps even stupid. People can be mean sometimes. Thankfully, some other people shared that they figured out a solution, and now the Cam Remote app works just fine for them.

There were a number of ideas put forth to resolve the issue. I spent a couple of hours putting these different potential solutions to the test. What I discovered through this process is a method that (so far) seems to work every time. You have to jump through some hoops that shouldn’t be necessary. Oh, and this method is for iPhones only. I assume there must be a similar method for Android, but I’m an iPhone user and not Android, so I cannot help much with that. So if you have an iPhone, I invite you to try this solution and see if it fixes the problem for you. Hopefully you’ll find that you can now consistently connect to Fujifilm’s Cam Remote app without issue.

Step 1: Open the Fujifilm Cam Remote App and select the camera you are going to connect with. Then swipe out of the app (exit out completely).

Step 2: Turn on WiFi on your Fujifilm camera.

Step 3: Open the Settings app and select Bluetooth. Tap the green slider to turn Bluetooth Off (disable). If Bluetooth works consistently for you or if your Fujifilm camera doesn’t have Bluetooth, skip this step. For me, Bluetooth is sometimes a hangup, so disabling it allows the app to work more consistently (albeit more slowly).

Step 4: Select Wi-Fi in the Settings App.

Step 5: Find the camera’s WiFi (in the Settings app—might be found under “My Networks” or “Other Networks”). Tap the “i” with a circle around it. Toggle Off (disable) “Private Wi-Fi Address” (if it is enabled).

Step 6: Turn Wi-Fi Off on your phone (tap the green slider) then immediately turn it back On. Select your camera’s WiFi before the phone auto-connects to another network. Wait a moment to make sure that the phone is connected to the camera.

Step 7: Relaunch the Cam Remote app. It should open to the camera you are trying to connect to (because of Step 1), but if it didn’t, select your camera from your list. The app might automatically connect to the camera (it sometimes does for me, although I don’t know why), but if it doesn’t (which is what should happen most of the time), tap “Import images selected on app” and it should connect. Boom, done!

Since following these seven steps, I have been able to connect with all of my Fujifilm cameras consistently each time on the first try. I tried it over and over and over just to be sure. Yes, it’s a hassle, and more steps than should be necessary, but it works, and eventually it becomes easier and more natural (second nature). If you have had problems with Fujifilm’s Cam Remote app on your iPhone, this should solve the issue for you.

I want to thank everyone who shared their experiences with the Cam Remote app with me, and especially for those who shared their solutions. It was a big help. Thank you! Supposedly Fujifilm has been working on a new app for awhile. With any luck that app will be ready soon and will work much better. I have no inside information on that, it’s just been rumored for awhile, so hopefully it is true.