Fuji Features: X RAW Studio

Fujifilm offers a free RAW photo editing software that’s unique called X RAW Studio. What’s unusual about X RAW Studio is that it relies on the camera that captured the image to do the editing. It’s like in-camera RAW editing, but on your computer, and the camera must be tethered. I wrote about it back in 2017. I don’t use X RAW Studio very much myself, but some of you use it regularly and it’s an important part of your workflow process. It’s an interesting tool that Fujifilm provides at no cost, so it’s definitely worth trying if you’ve never done so before.

Below are some articles and videos that I found on the internet that discuss X RAW Studio. Hopefully something here will be helpful or interesting to you. If you know of an article or video that I missed, feel free to post it in the comments. Enjoy!

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The Online Photographer

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