The Fuji X Weekly Moment CineBloom Giveaway Winners!

The Fuji X Weekly Moment CineBloom Giveaway has ended! I want to give a big “Thank You” to everyone who participated—there were over 400 submissions! The winners, who were randomly selected, are:

Congratulations to these five winners! I know you will appreciate using the filters!

CineBloom diffusion filters are a great way to take the “digital edge” off of your photographs, giving them an analog-like feel. Diffusion filters have been popular in cinematography for awhile, and people are beginning to realize that they’re great for still photography, too. These filters pair especially well with my Film Simulation Recipes, and are a wonderful tool for the JPEG photographer.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Moment for teaming up with Fuji X Weekly to make this giveaway possible! They did it because they’re big fans of this website, Fujifilm cameras, film simulation recipes, and the Fujifilm community. Moment’s website ( is definitely one of the better camera stores out there (yet, really, they are so very much more than just “a camera store”). If you’ve never visited Moment, be sure to do so—you can thank me later.

Even though the Fuji X Weekly Moment giveaway has ended, please continue to use the #fujixweeklymoment hashtag on Instagram. I love seeing your Fuji X Weekly moments, and I hope you continue sharing them!

Also, while I’m here, if you haven’t downloaded the Fuji X Weekly App, be sure to do so. It’s free, and available for both Android and Apple. If you are looking for a way to support Fuji X Weekly and all that I’m doing for the community plus unlock the best app experience, consider becoming a Fuji X Weekly Patron (available in the app)!

The Fuji X Weekly Moment – Update 3

I’m giving away CineBloom filters to some of those who tell me their Fuji X Weekly moment on Instagram! Interested? Click here for all of the details and rules.

My favorite part of The Fuji X Weekly Moment giveaway is reading your great stories. For example, @snapsbybennett shared:

I love how the places at my dad’s have literally never changed since I was a kid. If you’re a Fuji shooter and haven’t used the Fuji X Weekly App yet… GO TRY IT OUT! Changed my whole look on my photography. Fujifilm XT3, 18-55mm, Portra 400 Sim.

@rockysgraphs shared:

Shot with Fujicolor Pro 160NS film simulation. I am loving the film simulation recipes from Fuji X Weekly. They add another level of creative control in camera that enhances my experience when shooting my Fujifilm X100F.

@azyrizaldi79 shared:

My Fuji X Weekly moment: Modeled a classic helmet this afternoon. Turn head right, left, up, that’s it…!!! In order for the color of this afternoon’s sun to get better, I’m using Fuji X Weekly’s Provia recipe in camera. A Provia standard color variation that is soft and suitable with the yellowish shine of the afternoon sun. No Grain in this recipe because it’s made for larger sensors. Whatever it is, the color looks cool on X-Trans III cameras. Find it on the Fuji X Weekly App!

And @patrickmichaelmckenna shared:

This is my Fuji X Weekly moment. Captured on my Fujifilm X100V with the Fuji X Weekly Kodak Portra v2 film simulation recipe, which I found on the Fuji X Weekly App. Image is of my granddaughter Sutton gripping her Mimi’s finger. First time I used an X100V—instead of a professional DSLR or my new Canon EOS R5. Sutton was 2 days old, and I wanted to “focus” on my new granddaughter and not my camera settings. The X100V did the trick.

There are, of course, so many more (almost 400!)! I encourage you to take a look at all of the #fujixweeklymoment submissions, and to submit your own! The giveaway closes on Saturday (September 4th), which is only a couple days away, so don’t procrastinate. I look forward to seeing your pictures and reading more of your stories!

The Fuji X Weekly Moment – Update 1

The Fuji X Weekly Moment CineBloom Giveaway on Instagram is off to a great start! Many of you have already entered. Click here if you want to know how to participate, how to enter to win a CineBloom filter, and to see all of the rules.

I love the great stories that I’m reading—your Fuji X Weekly moments! For example, @xisperience shared in his post:

I have been able to capture some beautiful memories for me and my family using the recipes found on Fuji X Weekly, coming to a point where I no longer have the need to edit anything, I can print the photographs directly from the camera and I know they come out fantastic. So, in a way, your recipes have provided me with the freedom to focus on what’s important, and that’s the photograph itself and what it means for my loved ones. This is my #fujixweeklymoment, which is every time I release the shutter button.


And @rodolfo.mdn.foto wrote in his post:

Definitely a very cherished #fujixweeklymoment captured on my Fujifilm X100V with the Kodachrome 64 film simulation recipe found on the Fuji X Weekly App, kindly provided by @fujixweekly. What makes a Fuji X Weekly moment special? For me, it starts when I fill in the adjustments on my X100V. The moment really goes on when I start using that film simulation enough to keep it in the custom settings for a while.


There are tons of other great moments being shared on Instagram by you, and I love seeing them all! I invite you to take a look yourself, and to add your own (if you haven’t done so already—or if you have, add some more!). I want to read your stories, as they are very encouraging and inspirational to me.

Oh, and you might just win one of five CineBloom filters that are being given away!

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