One Month, Two Months…


Today marks two important dates.

First, Fuji X Weekly, which is my Fujifilm X100F journal (and the blog you are reading at this very moment) is exactly one month old today. This particular post is #20, which is far more content than I had anticipated publishing within the first 30 days. There have also been more readers (that’s you!) than I expected, so thanks for visiting!

Second, I’ve owned my Fujifilm X100F for exactly two months today. Yes, it was July 19 that it arrived in my mailbox. I’ve captured a lot of pictures with it, so it seems like I’ve had it for longer. In reality, it’s still new and I’m still fine-tuning the settings and my process.

One thing that has come up regarding Fuji X Weekly is navigation. How does one find his or her way around this blog? It’s pretty straight forward, but not necessarily obvious. From the homepage you can scroll and scroll and scroll through every post. That’s not particularly convenient if you are trying to find something specific.

If you look up at the very top-left you’ll see three horizontal black lines. If you click on that you’ll find links to the homepage and an about page (which also contains contact information, if you’re looking for that), as well as a search box. If you know exactly what you are looking for, the search box is a great way to find it.

If you look up at the very top-right you’ll see four horizontal black lines. If you click on that you’ll find another search box (because you can’t have too many), as well as links to the most recent posts, monthly archives and the most popular posts. This is a good place to find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

I didn’t include these things (the search box and links) directly on the front page because I didn’t want to clutter it up. My last blog was a mess with links and boxes everywhere, so I wanted this one to be much more simple. The kiss method (“keep it super simple”) applies to blogs just as much as it applies to composition, gear choice and life in general.

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