Fujifilm X100F Firmware Update 2.1

Not a whole lot to get excited about, but Fujifilm just released firmware update 2.1 for the X100F. The update allows you to customize some display items. It also adds some functions when using Fujifilm X Acquire, which is their tethering software.

It’s a big deal that Fujifilm continues to update their products, even long after they were introduced. Many companies don’t do that, so even though this firmware update isn’t particularly robust, I’m still happy that it’s available.


  1. Rich · April 27, 2018

    Thanks for the heads up Ritchie, I’m doing mine right now. It doesn’t sound like much of an update but i agree with you about it being nice that Fujifilm continues to update and improve a camera after it’s no longer a new product.

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