New Arrival: Fujifilm X-Pro2


Fujifilm X-Pro2 & Fujinon 23mm f/2

Two days ago a new (to me) camera arrived in my mailbox: the Fujifilm X-Pro2. This will replace the Fujifilm X-A3 as my “second” camera. The X-A3 is a good camera that I would highly recommend to anyone as an inexpensive entry into the world of Fuji X or as a “backup” camera body. It’s image quality well exceeds its price point. But it is no X-Pro2!

The reasons why I purchased the X-Pro2 are because I wanted it ever since it first came out (I wanted an X-Pro1 when I first saw it but couldn’t afford it) and I found it for a good deal. I bought it as a “kit” with a bunch of lenses and accessories, and to afford it I have to sell off a good portion of it (in fact, I’ve already sold some things). There are a few lenses that I will try and test but won’t be able to keep. That’s ok, as I’m very happy to own an X-Pro2.


Fujifilm X-Pro2 & 23mm f/2

I took it out for a test run right after it arrived, and did some street photography in downtown Ogden, Utah, and three different people said something to me about the camera. There were two photographers, one shooting Sony and the other Canon, who gave the compliment as they walked by, “Nice camera!” Someone else asked me if I was shooting a film camera. The fact is that the X-Pro2 and X100F are two of the best-looking digital cameras ever made!

Once I’ve had more time to use the camera I’ll write more about it. I’m also planning to publish some articles comparing it to the X100F. For example, what are the differences between the X-Pro2 with the 23mm f/2 and the X100F? Can they coexist together? It should be interesting.

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