Fuji Features: Fujinon 90mm F/2

I love my Fujinon 90mm f/2 lens! It’s nothing short of incredible. From an image quality point-of-view, it’s my favorite Fujinon lens (granted, I haven’t tried them all), although the focal length can be a bit challenging. It’s also somewhat big and heavy. I love the lens nevertheless, and really appreciate the images captured with it.

I noticed that the majority of the Fujinon 90mm f/2 reviews are older. Most were published four, five or six years ago. My review is almost two years old. For this Fuji Features article I thought that I’d share some more recent reviews and videos for the lens, which I found with a simple Google search. If you are considering it, maybe this will be helpful. Also, if you know of an article or video that I should have included, feel free to share it in the comments.

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Fujinon 90mm f/2  Amazon
Fujinon 90mm f/2  B&H 

Cultured Kiwi Photography

Philip Sutton Photography

John Platt


  1. Don · June 23, 2021

    xf90mm f2 ! Definitely Ritchie, Love it and so far I’ve been using mine for compression technique for landscapes. It doesn’t overdo, or underdo, so far for my purposes it’s indispensable.

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 25, 2021

      Awesome! I feel that it’s one of those lenses everyone should own, just because it’s so good. Thanks for the comment!

  2. JR · June 25, 2021

    Hey Ritchie!
    So I have been looking at buying an X100V, and I was wondering if you know of any features it lacks that newer models have, for example the X-E4. (I know for sure that the X100V lacks Eterna Bleach Bypass, Nostalgic Negative, and .5 shadow+highlight adjustments.) Since you own one, do you know of any features that are missing other than the ones I just listed??

    Thank again for this spectacular blog… easily one of the highlights in my day to day life.

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 26, 2021

      I appreciate your kind words! There are also the two new Auto White Balance options. I can’t think of anything else. Nostalgic Negative currently is only found on the two 100MP GFX cameras. I assume the X-H2 will have it, but the X-E4 doesn’t.

      • JR · June 27, 2021

        Thank you for the feedback!

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