This page, which I’ve titled Development, is where you’ll find posts that might make you a better photographer. This is Fuji X Weekly U, if you will. This is where you’ll find How-To articles, opinion pieces, and photography challenges. My intention is to expand this so that it’s a valuable resource to you. I hope that you find something helpful here. So grab a cup of coffee, perhaps a notebook, and enjoy!


5 Tips For Fall Foliage Photography
5 Tips To Become A Better Photographer
5 Tips For Photographing Grand Teton National Park
Add Texture To Your In-Camera JPEGs
Understand Acros Film Simulation Options
Use Vintage Lenses
7 Cheap & Easy Camera Hacks
Capture Family Photos
Add “Light Leaks” with Page Markers
Turn Daylight Into Blue Hour
Aspect Ratios
White Balance Shift
White Balance Shift for B&W
Add Film Simulation Recipes to Your Camera


Photographic Vision
The Artist Photographer
What Separates Great Photographers From Good Photographers
Stealing Inspiration
When Does ISO Matter?
Why Bokeh Is Overrated
Digital is Disposable

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  1. Drew · February 25

    Recently stumbled across your site and I love that you have film simulations for such a wide range. As someone who is new to Fuji mirrorless (just purchased an XT4 and 16-55 2.8) what simulation would you say works best in terms of food photography? Keep up the awesome work you have put in. Not sure about others but this site is like a goldmine to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ritchie Roesch · February 25

      I’m glad that you found the website! A lot depends on the lighting and exact look you are after. Maybe one of the Superia recipes or Kodachrome 64 is what comes to my mind. I hope this is helpful!


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