1. kd5urs · January 18, 2019

    1: In Renaissance and Baroque music, and even somewhat into the Romantic era, taking someone else’s tunes and crafting them into something new was a form of high praise. 2: And, somewhat unrelated, I’ve always wondered if N scale trains could be fit into a bottle like ship models…

    • Ritchie Roesch · January 18, 2019

      It’s funny that you state point number two. A childhood friend of mine was for a while (not sure if he is still doing it) making West Virginian coal mining models in glass bottles using Z-scale model trains. N scale might need a larger bottle….

  2. Khürt Williams · January 19, 2019

    Wow, Ritchie, Christoffer seems like a jerk. His claims are ludicrous, even without the prior art that you found.

    You’ve inspired me to get the glass jars from my cupboard and go make some imagery. Lots of it!

    • Ritchie Roesch · January 19, 2019

      I’ve never met him, and perhaps he is the nicest guy but I caught him on a bad day. I don’t want to be harsh or judgmental. I was upset when this happened but I’m a long time over it. A lesson that I had to learn was to be more selective with the criticism that I listen to, and also not to take things so personally from strangers. It’s not all negative. Good luck on the jar pictures!

  3. Ø.M. · February 23, 2021

    Looking at his an your pictures, one clearly sees the inspiration but also that this is no exact copying. So, his reaction was a bit over the top – in my opinion.
    In these instagram days, “everyone” is copying popular shots. The same places with the same poses are repeated over and over. Among the thousands of more or less exact copies, occationally one stumbles across someone who do as you suggests here…. steal inspiration, but makes it their own in the process.

    Love your page.

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