Fujifilm X-Trans I Recipes

The film simulation recipes below are compatible with Fujifilm X-Trans I sensor cameras, which are the X-Pro1, X-E1 and X-M1. I don’t have many recipes for these cameras yet, but I do plan to grow this list. Feel free to try X-Trans II and Bayer recipes on your X-Trans I camera, as some of them are compatible, but will produce slightly different results. These recipes can be used on X-Trans II and Bayer models, but the results will be slightly different.

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  1. Jim Donaldson · November 20, 2020

    I donated $5. Let me know if you get it. I appreciate what you are doing.

    • Ritchie Roesch · November 20, 2020

      I did get it! I appreciate your support!

  2. Juan ramon arevalo · March 9, 2021

    There goes mine. Great job man.

  3. easy endurance · June 13, 2021

    Hey Ritchie, I love these recipes and will donate soon, but I find they underexpose the vast majority of times. Any Ideas? I turned the exposure compensation dial to +2/3 and I’m still getting dark images. Thanks

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 14, 2021

      I typically use Multi Metering (and sometimes Spot). Which metering mode do you use?

      • easy endurance · June 21, 2021

        Found out I was accidentally using the “average” metering option. So maybe that was part of the problem. I Will let you know how it goes. Thanks Ritchie!

      • Ritchie Roesch · June 22, 2021

        I hope it helps

  4. Tangi · September 16, 2021

    Thanks you very much for all that New recipes for our loved old x-trans 1. Are you planning to made more B&W ?
    Just a question about DR and ISO setting… For DR400, for exemple, do you set ISO at 800 minimum ?
    (Sorry i’m french😁)

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 18, 2021

      Yes, there will definitely be more! DR400 does indeed require a minimum ISO of 800.

      • Tangi · September 18, 2021

        Thanks ! I’m doing well then 🙂 that’s so nice! Thanks you again. (I’ll buy the app in the future)

  5. Freddy S · November 21, 2021

    The X-M1 is a bit of an odd camera: while it has an X-Trans I sensor its internal image processor is the same as in the X100s, X100t, X-E2 etc. Thus jpegs from the X-M1 look look and behave like those from X-Trans II (eg X-M1 has high contrast provia) and not at all like the other Xtrans I cameras X-e1 and X-pro 1 (and x100) which use the older image processor.

    So for film recipes I would suggest to list the X-M1 under the X-trans II recipes!
    It is the image processor that creates the jpgs, in fact the Xtrans I and II sensors are identical except for the presence of phase detect AF sites. The difference is that all x-trans ii cameras (plus X-M1) use the x processor ii.

    • Ritchie Roesch · November 21, 2021

      It is, in fact, an odd one. The X-A1 also uses the same processor, but a Bayer sensor. X-Trans II is a little warmer than X-Trans I, for whatever reason.
      I did a test a couple months back: I shot the same scene, using the same lens and settings, on an X-Pro1, X-M1, and X-T1. The differences weren’t huge, but each camera produced a little different result. The X-M1 was a little closer to the X-Pro1 (in my opinion), yet subtly different. So maybe it should be in a category by itself? I’m not sure.
      I appreciate the comment!

  6. Chad Wilson · March 1

    Thank you for providing these recipes for the X-M1. This is the X-series that I could afford at this time, and I am very much enjoying it.

  7. Tafar · April 7

    I use a lot your recipe for X-Trans III on Fujifilm XPro2 and I love the look of most of them. I try to do the same on my new baby, an XE1 but unfortunately there’s no option to rename the recipe. So isn’t easy to remember which one is which …
    Is there a solution for that or should a accept that X-Trans 1 couldn’t do this ?

    • Ritchie Roesch · April 8

      Being able to custom name the C1-C7 presets began with X-Trans III, and only on the premium models (such as the X-Pro2). So it’s not possible on X-Trans I or II. Some people have made little printouts that they tape to the bottom of the camera, which I’ve actually done before myself, but obviously you have to remove and replace anytime you change the Recipes programmed into C1-C7, which is a hassle.

      • fujifilm.paul · May 17

        I just save the current presets, name and details as a note in my phone. That way I can change and update to suit and you soon remember the best ones 😁📷🖤

  8. Michael · September 2

    A small token of appreciation for the work you did here. I have owned X100s and still have the X Pro1 and X Pro2 in my possession. Seeing your receipts has reignited my interest in the Pro1. Thank you for making these cameras so much fun to use.

  9. Eugeny · November 1

    Excellent presets! It’s a pity that there are very few of them for X-Trans 1!

    • Ritchie Roesch · November 1

      I started making Recipes for X-Trans I rather recently. The newer sensors had a big head start, in that regard. If I had started with X-Trans I (and not X-Trans III), there would be a lot more, I think. The X-Trans I recipes have trickled out, and I only slowly add more. Not a lot of people use Recipes on the older cameras, so they’re never even close to as popular as the ones for the newer cameras, but I try to get new ones out every so often. I’m glad that you like them!

      • Bo Belvedere Christensen · 8 Days Ago

        I don’t get that comment. The older cameras with X-Trans I are becoming more popular, and having even more recipes for them would only increase the interest in the older cameras. I sold my newer X cameras and bought an X-E1 because I like the output of the first X-Trans more than the more clinical look of the newer sensors.
        I would be happy to have more receipes for this camera.

      • Ritchie Roesch · 8 Days Ago

        I’m not making it up. Over the last year, the Recipes with the most page views are mostly those for “newer” (X-Pro3 and later) X-Trans IV cameras. The top ones have over 100k views this year alone. If I were to publish an X-Trans IV Recipe, it would get tens of thousands of views. If I were to publish an X-Trans I Recipe, it would get hundreds of views, and it might top 1k views after many months. An average X-Trans IV Recipe will get about 20x more views than an average X-Trans I Recipe, which means that I’m helping a lot more people when I publish Recipes for newer cameras. Still, I try to still make Recipes for older cameras, I just don’t make that my main focus.

        I think there are many reasons why far less people use X-Trans I Recipes, namely:
        – There are only three X-Trans I cameras (and the X-M1 is in an odd place with the X-Trans II processor).
        – Fujifilm was less popular as a brand when those cameras were made and sold fewer copies.
        – These cameras are getting old and beginning to wear out/break, so there are even less of them now.
        – Recipes for those cameras are somewhat recent (summer of 2020 is when I first started making them).
        – X-Trans I cameras have far fewer JPEG options, and are not capable of nearly as many different looks.
        – There are many less Recipes in total.
        – X-Trans I JPEGs aren’t quite as high-quality as later models, and is more prone to banding and such.

        With all of that said, there are definitely some people shooting Recipes on the older models. It is a fairly small group, though, especially when compared to those doing so on newer cameras. I do plan to make more Recipes, but they’re going to trickle out. I hope that makes sense.

      • Bo Belvedere Christensen · 8 Days Ago

        Yes it sure makes sense. Thanks for the answer.

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