Take the Blind Film Simulation Recipe Test to See Which Might Be Your Favorite!

Coastal Blooms – San Simeon, CA – Fujifilm X-E4Pacific Blues Recipe

Andrew Goodcamera (formally known as Andrew & Danae) just published a YouTube video in which he conducts a blind film simulation and Film Simulation Recipe test. In the video Andrew shows six sets of 15 pictures. The images are a mix of stock film simulations (no recipe) and various Film Simulation Recipes. As you watch, you are supposed to take note of which pictures stand out to you—perhaps even take a guess at which Recipe you think was used for your favorite—and maybe discover a new Recipe to try that you didn’t realize you’d like. It’s a fun little experiment!

Back in January Andrew reached out to me because he had a video idea, and he needed a list of popular Film Simulation Recipes for it. He didn’t tell me what his video idea was, only that he was going to mention Fuji X Weekly and needed a list of Recipes. I happily provided him with what he requested, and that was the end of the story until today when I noticed he posted a new video. I’m very appreciative for his kind words and honored for the shoutout—thank you, Andrew!

I’m not going to say anything more until you’ve watched the video. I have some commentary that I want to add, but don’t want to spoil it for you, so take a moment right now to watch the video. Don’t scroll past the video below until you’ve watched it! Oh, and make sure you have a notepad handy to keep track of your picks.

Did you watch it? If so, keep scrolling down and let’s compare notes. If not, this is your last chance before you encounter some spoilers, so don’t go any further until you’ve seen the above video!

I had provided Andrew with 10 Film Simulation Recipes, which were the top ten most popular (by page views) from 2022. I wasn’t sure if he had used all of them or not, and I didn’t find out until the reveal that he had used six. I didn’t try to guess which pictures were which Recipes, but just wrote down which three images I liked most (best, second best, and third best) in each set.

What I picked most was picture J. In almost every set (four out of six) I chose that one as my favorite, and if it wasn’t number one it was second or third favorite (six selections total). I had a strong suspicion that it was Pacific Blues, and it turns out that it was indeed that Recipe. Pacific Blues is one of my absolute favorite Recipes, and this blind test just affirms that.

My next most-picked picture was O, although it was not my top favorite in any of the sets, only second or third (picked four times total). I wasn’t really sure which one that was, and was surprised when it was Vintage Kodachrome. I haven’t shot much with that particular Recipe in awhile, so I guess I need to!

The third-most picked picture was G (picked three times total: once number one and twice number two). I had a hunch that it was Kodachrome 64, but I wasn’t certain; turns out my hunch was right.

Picture I, which turned out to be Kodak Portra 400, was picked once for number one and once for number two. Picture H, which turned out to be Kodak Ektar 100, and picture D, which was my Classic Chrome Recipe, were each selected once for third favorite. The only stock film simulation (non-Recipe) picture that I selected was E, which is default Classic Negative, chosen once for third favorite.

Now it’s your turn! What were your top picks? Were you surprised by your findings? Comment below to let me know!

One last note: if you missed today’s SOOC Live broadcast about Street Photography, you can watch it now (click here). We had a great show, which was the first with the new format, so you’ll want to make sure to give it a view. Also, I want to give a big “thank you” to everyone who tuned in and participated!