Fujifilm X Timeline


With the X-T30 release about three weeks away, I’ve been thinking about what other Fujifilm APS-C cameras might be in the pipeline. I don’t have any inside information, so my guesses should be taken with a large grain of salt. I will speculate what I think might be released in the coming months and years, but please just know that these are simply guesses. I could very well be wrong, as I’ve been wrong before.

In my estimation, sometime in late summer or early fall, Fujifilm will announce the successor to the X100F, which might be called X100V, X110 or X200. I think the X-Pro3 will be announced near the same time, and released sometime before Christmas. Also, don’t be surprised if the X-A6 is released before the end of the year, or perhaps early next year.

I believe in 2020 there will be a number of new Fujifilm X cameras. I’m guessing that first will be the X80, released in the first quarter of the new year. Near the same time will be the X-H2, which will be dubbed “the ultimate APS-C camera” by Fujifilm. In the summer of 2020 the successor to the X-T100 (X-T100S? X-T110? X-T200?) will be released. There might be an X-A20 (think cheaper X-A6) around the same time. I expect that in the fall the successor to the X-E3, perhaps called X-E3s, X-E4, or X-E5, will be announced.

In spring of 2021 I think that the next generation of X-Trans will be announced, and the first camera will be the successor to the X-T3, which might be called X-T4 or X-T5. In the fall the X-T30’s successor will come out, which might be called X-T35, X-T40 or X-T50. And that concludes my guesses for what Fujifilm X cameras are in the pipeline for the coming months and years.

Let me know in the comments what Fujifilm X cameras you think will be the next!