Daylight Savings Ends


Past Time To Clean Up – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X100F

Last night at two o’clock in the morning Daylight Savings Time officially came to an end. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, those who were awake experienced the one o’clock hour twice.

Daylight Savings is an exercise in insanity. Every year we all make-believe that the time is different than it actually is. Never mind that there is a spike in heart attacks that immediately follows the clock adjustments. It’s an irrational song and dance that everybody blindly does, and nobody even knows why we do it (it has nothing to do with agriculture).

Many clocks automatically changed themselves last night. The one inside your Fujifilm X100F did not. You need to manually adjust it. If you forget to do this then three months from now you’ll realize that the time is stamped wrong on all your exposures. So take a moment right now and change the time on your camera.

If you’re not sure how, simply push the round Menu button, go to Set Up (a.k.a. the wrench), select User Settings, then Date/Time, and finally adjust the hour back one number. Changing the time on the X100F isn’t immediately obvious, but it’s not difficult, either. Just be sure to remember to do it.

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