Placing An Attachment Ring On A Fujifilm X100F 

Fujifilm X100F with attachment ring and lens hood.

Should you wish to use filters or a lens hood with your Fujifilm X100F, you must first buy an attachment ring. Fujifilm sells an attachment ring (with a lens hood) for $70, which is ridiculous, but you can find generic brands for much less. I paid less than $10 for mine.

The attachment ring arrived in the mail yesterday, and it wasn’t immediately obvious how it connects to the camera. I thought I might have ordered the wrong product. So I researched the web to figure it out.

What I didn’t realize is there is a ring that is screwed around the lens on the X100F, which must first be removed. It’s located between the focus ring and the front of the lens. You wouldn’t know that it can twist off by looking at it, and it’s tightly on, but with a little muscle power it will turn counter-clockwise. Again, look for a ring that circles the far end of the lens, immediately after the focus ring, and rotate it off.

Can you spot the ring on the lens that must be removed?

Removed ring on the left, attachment ring and lens hood on the right.

Once the ring is removed, the attachment ring simply twists on clockwise in its place. It’s really easy, but not apparent, so I thought it would be helpful to share with you how to do it. Hopefully this is useful to someone.

The one problem with adding a lens hood is that the camera becomes less pocket-sized. It won’t fit in my pants pocket, but it still fits in my sweater pocket. Be sure to keep the ring that you unscrewed from camera, put it somewhere safe. You never know when you might want it again.


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  3. Scott · September 9, 2020

    Yeah, if you ever want to sell your X100, you’ll want that weird extra ring.
    Problem is I am terrible at keeping track of small, unused accessories while I’m using the camera for years.
    Maybe should get a cigar box or something and label it “Stuff that I might need someday.”

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