Fuji X Weekly Blog Update

Fuji X Weekly hit two important milestones today.

First, this morning, three people began following this blog, which put it over the 100 mark. Yes, more than 100 people follow Fuji X Weekly! That’s a tiny number compared to the big websites, but that is an unbelievable number to me, as I never imagined that this blog would be that well received. I appreciate everyone who follows Fuji X Weekly, as well as those who read this blog but don’t subscribe. If you don’t already follow Fuji X Weekly I invite you to do so, just so you don’t miss anything.

Second, this afternoon, the blog topped 15,000 page views for the third consecutive month. That is nothing short of amazing to me, and there is still enough days left in the month that 20,000 views are a real possibility. Wow! Thank you to everyone who came, and also to everyone who shared an article on social media or their website or wherever it is that you posted a link back to this place.

A final note is that I will be out on an epic adventure over the next couple of weeks. I pre-wrote several articles that will publish automatically over that time, just so there is some new content on here for you. Nothing particularly great, and I apologize in advance for that, but I felt that something was better than nothing. I will have some better articles to write upon returning.

Thank you, again, to everyone for coming to Fuji X Weekly and reading the articles, commenting, liking posts and sharing. I really appreciate you!


  1. Brian WANG · July 24, 2018

    I really appreciate and enjoy your film simulation recipes, hoping that you could discover and share more recipes in the future:)

    • Ritchie Roesch · July 24, 2018

      I have a couple that I’m working on, still perfecting….

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