Using an X70 Leather Case on the Fujifilm XF10

I’ve been asked about the leather half case I have on my Fujifilm XF10. Some of you have seen it in my photographs. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now.

When the XF10 first came out there were no cases available for it. Only recently have a few options shown up on the web, and none are quite like the one on my camera. So how did I get it?Actually, my XF10 leather half case is designed for the Fujifilm X70. The XF10 and X70 are quite similar in size and shape, although there are some differences. The case was less than $10 and came from China. It looks pretty good on the XF10, but it’s not designed for this camera and you can tell in a few places. For example, the USB door opens but just barely as it scrapes the edge of the leather. But it works, even if just, and it looks particularly nice. Most importantly it adds a little protection and hopefully will prevent some damage or wear.

Using an X70 case on the XF10 is a risk because, like mine, it probably won’t fit 100% correctly, but it does open up quite a few more options. Since the XF10 is so new there are only a handful of cases available for it, and I’ve noticed that they aren’t as inexpensive as what you can find for other cameras. I don’t know that I would completely recommend the route that I took for my camera, but it worked for me. The takeaway would be know that using an X70 case on the XF10 is an option, but it might not be the best option.

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