Fuji X Weekly will be Live with Fujifilm Today!

I am the special guest today on Fujifilm’s Live Weekly Tech Webinar! If you have some free time today at 5PM Eastern, 2PM Pacific, please join us as we “talk shop” about Fujifilm cameras and settings. They describe the program as informal yet informative nerdiness for your photographic soul. If you are interested, click here for more information. I hope to see you in a few hours!

If the terms “analog” or “SOOC” make your ears perk up, you’ve found the right edition of Tech Talk Weekly Webinar. This week the Fujifilm tech team is joined by Ritchie Roesch of Fuji X Weekly. If you aren’t familiar check out the website https://fujixweekly.com or find the app available on Android and IOS. Join us to hear about this awesome community based project, built around Fujifilm cameras and designed to allow for some amazing in camera creativity. Bring your camera, your questions, and join us for this informal yet informative photo nerd session.

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