Postponed: SOOC Season 02 Episode 01

I’m sorry to report that SOOC Season 02 Episode 01 has been delayed. Due to scheduling conflicts, there will be no SOOC broadcasts in February, and the new season will kick off now on March 10th. I apologize for any inchonvieneces that this might cause.

If you missed the last episode, I’ve included it at the top of this post. It was a fun broadcast, so I hope that you enjoy it.

See you next month!


  1. JR · February 9

    Hey Ritchie,
    While I do love photography, I was first a movie lover and still am. I was wondering… would you try your hand at creating a film recipe that resembled 1950’s technicolor films? Whenever I see these movies, the colors just pop and grab my eyeballs. It has a quality so distinct that I can immediately tell when a film was shot with technicolor film stock.

    A short bit of history on it… technicolor is also known as three-strip because there were 3 strips of film going through the camera at once, each a different color. These 3 film colors were red, green, and blue… (RGB) … sound familiar? There was also a prism between the lens and film stocks that would split the incoming light into three different angles, so that all 3 color stocks would be exposed to the light. In an era where black and white TV sets were all that you could get, filmmakers wanted these colors super saturated and vibrant. These vibrant colors alone were enough just by themselves to get people to head to the cinema for a “color picture” in the 1950’s. Famous films like Singin’ in the Rain, Rebel Without A Cause, and Ben-Hur used this process.

    Hope I’ve given you a good idea.

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    • Ritchie Roesch · February 10

      I guess I have some classic movies to watch! I don’t know how practical it is to replicate, but I think it would be fun to try. Thank you for the suggestion!


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