Creative Collective 020: FXW Zine — Issue 05 — April 2022

The fifth issue of FXW Zine is out, and if you are a Fuji X Weekly Creative Collective subscriber, you can download it now!

What’s in the April issue? The cover story is B&W IR Photography on an Unconverted Fujifilm X100V, which is a guest submission by Tim Walters, and a wonderful article. If you’ve ever wanted to try infrared photography but don’t have a modified camera, this article is for you! There are a total of 18 photographs this month, including the cover image (above). I hope that you find it enlightening, entertaining, and inspiring!

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  1. Jeremy Clifton · April 10, 2022

    I was thrilled to see O. Winston Link’s name mentioned in the final article… I also count him as an influence. I was not familiar with Richard Steinheimer though, and now I know that Southern Methodist University (which isn’t too far from me) holds a collection of his images.

    Thank you for putting all this together! You’ve been responsible for a total shift in the way I approach photography. I started shooting JPG + RAW last September and in the last month or so have finally gotten to the point where I can pretty consistently get what I want out of the camera. I haven’t done anything more than simple adjustments like dodging/burning in Lightroom in a while now. Not quite ready to quit shooting RAW entirely, but I’m getting there…

    • Ritchie Roesch · April 11, 2022

      It’s a real shame that O Winston Link and Richard Steinheimer do not get more mentions. They were both just incredible photographers. Definitely check out Steinheimer’s photos if you have a chance. Thanks for your comment!

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