Creative Collective 042: FXW Zine — Issue 16 — March 2023

I’m really excited for the March 2023 issue of FXW Zine. You see, my favorite genre of photography is abandoned buildings, sometimes called urban exploration (or urbex for short). I don’t get to do this type of photography as often as I’d like, but every once in awhile the opportunity comes. I think it is important to document these dilapidated structures, because they represent what once was—plus how society deals with that—and they’ll eventually be gone. I like how Troy Paiva put it, “accepting loss and finding beauty and nobility in decay.” This issue celebrates abandoned building photography, taking a look at four different locations.

Obviously this type of photography is risky. You have to consider property laws such as trespassing—many abandoned buildings are on private property—and what kind of dangers one might encounter, such as broken glass, crumbling structures, asbestos, lead paint, transients, etc., etc.. I’m not encouraging you to break laws or enter sketchy abandoned buildings, but if you should decide to do it on your own accord and at your own risk, I do encourage you to use extreme caution. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get to Issue 16!

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