Chatting ChatGPT — SOOC Live is Next Week!!!

Abandoned Ford – Cambria, CA – Fujifilm X100V – Urban Dreams

The next SOOC Live show will be this coming Thursday, June 29th, at 10 AM Pacific Time, 1 PM Eastern! Mark you calendars!

I really hope that you can join us, as Fujifilm X-Photographer Nathalie Boucry and I finish our chat with you about using ChatGPT to make AI Film Simulation Recipes. We’ve been shooting with four—Urban Dreams, Kodak Ektachrome E100VS v1, and two others made for the show (called Soft Blue Classic and Vivid Summer Glow). We also challenged you to shoot with one or more of those four Recipes.

We invite you to share with us your photographs (click here) captured with those AI Recipes to be potentially featured in the next broadcast, to be included in the Viewer’s Images Slideshow, and to enter a chance to win a one-year Patron subscription to the Fuji X Weekly App. Please upload your pictures no later than Tuesday, June 27th! That’s coming up very soon, but there’s still time if you haven’t yet begun the challenge. Don’t forget to include the name of the Recipe that you used in the file name.

If you missed the last broadcast, I’ve included it below. You’ll want to check it out if you missed it when it was live. You can find all the past episodes on the SOOC Live YouTube channel.

I hope to see you on Thursday!


  1. Annebeth · June 23

    Thank you! I uploaded 3 photos in Kodak Ektachrome for which I used Fujifilm X Raw Studio, and found out that I can only change the Red or the Blue in the WB, but not both at the same time in that programme.

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 23

      I definitely recommend programming the Recipes into your camera and shooting with them. Also, if you shoot RAW+JPEG, you can reprocess in-camera. I haven’t used X RAW Studio in years, so I don’t think I’d be much help with it, sorry. Thanks for uploading!! 😀

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