Photoessay: Along The Highway, Part 4 – East Texas


Grain Hoppers – Westlake, TX – Fujifilm X100F – US HWY 377

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Visiting east Texas was in a way a homecoming for me–well, sort of, anyway. I lived in the Dallas area for a few years as a teenager. I lived in Houston for one year awhile back, as well. I have family on the right side of the state, and I’ve journeyed to see them many times over the years. It’s in east Texas that I first learned to be a photographer. I’m familiar with the region, to say the least.

This trip was about spending time with family. It was about being with people that I don’t see often enough. Photography was secondary, although I did find plenty of time for capturing images. By a large margin I spent more time in east Texas than anywhere else on this road trip, yet this part of the series seems short on pictures.

The highways that I traversed in east Texas were often wide and new. They connected cities and large towns. Sure, there were plenty of rural segments, but I saw a lot of suburban landscapes. There’s a lot more sprawl than I remember, and it served as a reminder that it had been too long since I last visited the place, and I need to return more frequently.


Storm Shelter – McKinney, TX – Fujifilm X100F – US HWY 380


Two Towers – Dallas, TX – Fujifilm X100F – TX HWY 366


Walk This Way – Princeton, TX – Fujifilm X100F – US HWY 380


A Little Birdie Told Me About The Brew – Westlake, TX – Fuji X-Pro2 & 60mm – US HWY 377


Trash Pallet – McKinney, TX – Fujifilm X100F – US HWY 380

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