Fujifilm X100V

Fujifilm X100V

Fujifilm just announced the much anticipated X100V, which replaces the much loved X100F. The X100 series hasn’t changed much externally since it began. This is one of the most beautifully designed cameras in the digital era, so why change it? There’s no reason, so Fujifilm doesn’t. The X100V looks nearly identical to the original X100. What’s different is internal.

Fujifilm redesigned the lens. It looks the same and has the same specs, but with improved sharpness, particularly corner sharpness wide-open. The rear screen now tilts and is a touch-screen. Unfortunately, and this is perhaps the biggest external change, the D-Pad is now gone, but this isn’t a huge deal, as you get used to the touch controls pretty quickly. The viewfinder has been given a small upgrade. The X100V is weather-resistant, which is not the same as weather-sealed; it’s designed to handle the elements a little better than previous versions.

The biggest upgrade for this camera is the X-Trans IV sensor and processor. This is the same sensor and processor found in the X-T3, X-T30 and X-Pro3, yet the X100V has the new features found in the X-Pro3 that aren’t (yet) found in the X-T3 and X-T30, including the Classic Negative film simulation. The X100V is faster, more feature-rich, and has better video capabilities than the X100F.

Fujifilm X100V

Is the X100V a camera that you should buy? Whenever a new camera is released, it’s easy to want it. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype. It’s easy to have camera envy. The X100V will be a fantastic camera, no doubt about it! The X100 series cameras are easy to love. But should you really drop everything and order your copy today?

My opinion is this: if you already own the X100F, keep it! The upgrade isn’t significant enough to justify buying the new model. The X100F and the X100V are very similar to each other. If you wear out your X100F, then buy the new model, but if it still works just fine, don’t change cameras. If you have an older model, such as the original X100, X100S or X100T and are considering upgrading, I say sure, why not? But if those cameras still work and bring you joy, why rush to get the new model? If you are trying to decide between the X100F and X100V and money is no issue, go with the X100V, which is a little better than its predecessor. But if you are like most people and have a tight budget, the X100F is nearly as good and can be found for a little cheaper.

The X100V will be released on February 27 with an MSRP of $1,400.

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Fujifilm X100F black:   B&H   Amazon
Fujifilm X100F silver:   B&H   Amazon

An interesting side note: I predicted that this version of the X100 would be called the X100V way back in September of 2017. The “S” in X100S stands for second, the “T” in X100T stands for third, and the “F” in X100F stands for fourth, so nobody really knew what the next one would be called. Some predicted X200, or X110, or X110F, or X100N (“N” for new or next), or X100A (because A is the first letter of the alphabet), or X100Z (because Z is the last letter of the aphabet). I took a guess at “V” because it’s the Roman numeral for five, and this is the fifth iteration of the X100. I have no idea what the next one after the X100V might be called. Any guesses?


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  2. georgeupstairs · February 5, 2020

    My guess for the next iteration would be X100X (as in siX).

    Meantime I’m sticking with my well loved F.

    • Ritchie Roesch · February 5, 2020

      X100X is a great guess! My thought is that they might save that one for the tenth X100, but you never know.

    • Jakub Szwed · February 6, 2020

      For me it should be X100H – from classical greek hexa, as it was X100, X100(S)econd, X100(T)hird, X100(F)ourth and now we have a roman V.

      FInally a X100 without flaws, maybe except the price.

  3. Roby Ferrero · February 5, 2020

    Great camera!
    I really like the new lens, which coupled with the latest sensor and processor, makes a greater leap forward than there is between X-pro2 and X-pro3.

    The next X100 could be called
    X100 / 6


    • Ritchie Roesch · February 5, 2020

      X100-6? Possibly.

    • Khürt Williams · February 8, 2020


      • Roby Ferrero · February 8, 2020

        I think it is unlikely that they will use Roman numerals for two editions in a row.
        It may be right to use a Japanese number: X100 六
        One of the best ideas remains the X100x

      • Khürt Williams · February 10, 2020

        They won’t use Japanese. It would be incredibly challenging for Western reviewers to write/say the name of the product.

      • Roby Ferrero · February 10, 2020

        Yes, I certainly think so. Mine was a nice way to broaden the debate. It could be called X100Six

      • Khürt Williams · February 12, 2020

        I like X100Six

  4. Luís Costa · February 5, 2020

    I have the x100F and I feel mighty tempted, mainly because of that flip screen! After getting used to shooting from the hip AND actually see what you’re getting with the x-pro3, I’ve been missing that a lot on my x100F. It would also be nice to have classic negative and the same jpg options just to have an identical workflow compared to my x-pro3, but I’m not sure if that’s enough to justify the investment… :/

    • Ritchie Roesch · February 5, 2020

      Having a unified workflow and being able to shoot from the hip are great points. Still, $1,400 is a lot of money….

      • Luís Costa · February 7, 2020

        Indeed, unless I can sell my x100f for a really good price, I’ll probably stick with it.

    • Khürt Williams · February 8, 2020

      The flip screen on my Fujifilm X-T2 is what made me comfortable to start doing more street photography. It seems that no-one cares while I am looking down at the camera, adjusting settings, and focus, and then with a subtle push of the shutter button, the silent shutter captures the scene. Almost like it would be if I were shooting with a Nikon F3 with a top viewfinder. Wonderful!

  5. alexander · February 5, 2020

    new lens and weather sealing are great. Still not enough to upgrade from X100F.

  6. Khürt Williams · February 6, 2020

    This is the best (and sexiest) X100 yet. I want one. I really want one.

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  8. Angel P. Onz · February 10, 2020

    “Fujifilm redesigned the lens. It looks the same and has the same specs, but with improved sharpness, particularly corner sharpness wide-open.”
    Did you try this or is it what other reviewers say?

    The lens got a second aspherical element, is it still “same specs” in your opinion?

    • Ritchie Roesch · February 10, 2020

      I have not used or touched the X100V. I have only seen and read what Fujifilm and reviewers have published. By “same specs” I guess I meant that it’s the same focal length and apertures.

  9. Rob Moses Photography · March 25, 2020

    Looks like a pretty solid camera. I’ve never used an X100 before but I think I might pick one up just to see what all the hype is about.

    • Ritchie Roesch · March 25, 2020

      It seems pretty epic. The X100 series are great cameras. The X100F is also a good choice.

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