FUJIFILM GFX 2021 Challenge Grant Program

I got an email from Fujifilm, detailing a new program called GFX 2021 Challenge Grant Program. This is how they describe it:

The GFX Challenge Grant Program, sponsored by FUJIFILM, is a grant program that awards 5 Global Grant Award and 10 Regional Grant Award to help aspiring creatives bring their imaging projects to life. It is designed to nurture and develop the skills of emerging/promising content creators, giving them the opportunity to create content on topics that have significant meaning to them, while gaining experience using FUJIFILM GFX System gear. Proposed projects may be submitted as still photography or in a movie format. At the conclusion of the production period in August 2022, the award recipients’ final content will be showcased on the fujifilm-x.com website. 

This video explains it a little more:

Good luck to any of you who might participate in this! Click here for all of the details.

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