Fujifilm X-Trans IV Film Simulation Recipe: Nostalgia Color

Seagull Sky – Cannon Beach, OR – Fujifilm X-E4 – “Nostalgia Color”

While on a road trip to Oregon, I was inspired to create a new Film Simulation Recipe. I wanted it to have nostalgic colors, reminiscent of photographs from my childhood. I didn’t have access to these pictures to examine, so I relied on my memory to create an aesthetic that looked “right” to me. This is what Fujifilm refers to as “memory color”—it seems correct when you see it, but perhaps wouldn’t hold up to a side-by-side comparison because our memories don’t always remember things accurately or precisely. This recipe reminds me of the look of those old photographs as I remember them, but is likely technically inaccurate in reality.

I used Classic Negative as the base. The pictures in my mind were likely captured on both Kodak and Fujifilm emulsions, and some were likely printed on Kodak paper and some on Fujifilm paper. All of that (and much more) affects the look, so no one recipe could possibly mimic all of that, and perhaps this even skews my “memory color” of the pictures. I tried not to overthink it, and go more on feeling and instinct than intellect. I really like how this recipe turned out. I know some of you will appreciate it, and “Nostalgia Color” will become an instant favorite.

Train Crossing – Layton, UT – Fujifilm X100V – “Nostalgia Color”

Because this “Nostalgia Color” Film Simulation Recipe uses the Classic Negative film simulation, Color Chrome FX Blue, and Clarity, this is only compatible with the Fujifilm X-Pro3, X100V, X-T4, X-S10, X-E4, and X-T30 II cameras. If you have a newer GFX camera you can likely use this recipe, too, although I have not personally tried, and it will likely render the pictures slightly differently.

Classic Negative
Dynamic Range: DR400
Highlight: -1
Shadow: +3
Color: -2
Noise Reduction: -4
Sharpening: -2
Clarity: -4
Grain Effect: Strong, Large
Color Chrome Effect: Strong
Color Chrome Effect Blue: Weak
White Balance: 6700K, -4 Red & -1 Blue
ISO: Auto, up to ISO 6400
Exposure Compensation: +1/3 to +1 (typically)

Example photographs, all camera-made JPEGs using this “Nostalgia Color” Film Simulation Recipe on my Fujifilm X-E4 & Fujifilm X100V:

Top of Falls – Multnomah Falls, OR – Fujifilm X-E4
Old Greenhouse – Hammond, OR – Fujifilm X-E4
Columbia Rainbow – Hammond, OR – Fujifilm X-E4
Haystack – Cannon Beach, OR – Fujifilm X100V
Beach Boys – Cannon Beach, OR – Fujifilm X100V
Crashing Waves at Pinnacles – Cannon Beach, OR – Fujifilm X-E4
Columbia River – Hammond, OR – Fujifilm X-E4
River Boat – Astoria, OR – Fujifilm X100V
Water Falling – Multnomah Falls, OR – Fujifilm X100V
Rocky Shrub – Hammond, OR – Fujifilm X100V
Daffodils – Layton, UT – Fujifilm X-E4
Approaching Pear Blossom – Farmington, UT – Fujifilm X-E4

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  1. Ömer · April 4, 2022

    it looks very good. But unfortunately i have xt2.

    • Ritchie Roesch · April 5, 2022

      Unfortunately, Fujifilm is not likely going to give Classic Negative to that camera. 🙁

      • Ömer · April 5, 2022

        i wish more recipe for xtrans 3.

  2. Julio · April 4, 2022

    Pls more x-trans I recipes 😢

    • Ritchie Roesch · April 5, 2022

      I was working on a couple (on my X-Pro1) when Fujifilm sent me an X-Pro3 to try. I need to pick up the X-Pro1 again and get back at it. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Odditty (@odditty_me) · April 12, 2022

    I tested out the recipe on my Fujifilm X-T4 📷 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DU_mvL0RjE ) … I love the colours and overall look 😍 – you did a great job with the formula 👏!

  4. jradamsjr · June 9, 2022

    I also used it with X-T4 yesterday and liked it much more than Bright Summer – the opposite of what I expected! Did some mid-day street photography of mainly an old theatre exterior with some great green/blue colors. I am just starting to use these; I downloaded the app and paid the $19.99 so I can filter and of course support your great work!

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 11, 2022

      Awesome! Thank you for your kindness and support!

    • samuel desir · November 25, 2022

      Is dit now compatible fpr xt3 considering all thé firmware updates? Grenat job btw

      • Ritchie Roesch · November 25, 2022

        No, the X-T3 was never given Classic Negative by Fujifilm (a shame!), so this recipe is not compatible. Sorry.

      • samuel desir · November 26, 2022

        Thanks mate appreciate your response

  5. Kiran · June 14, 2022

    Hi Ritchie! Long time user of your amazing recipes . I tried this recipe “Nostalgic Color” on a recent road trip. It is absolutely stunning. The photos come out great. Thanks a lot.

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  9. Kathryn · October 5, 2022

    I don’t know how to explain it but this is the exact receipt/filter I’ve been looking for. Big fan. Thank you!

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