Ricoh Recipes App Now Available!

For those with a Ricoh GR camera, the Ricoh Recipes App is now available! If you have a GR, GR II, GR III, or GR IIIx camera, you’ll want to check this out. Visit Ritchie’s Ricoh Recipes to find out all of the details.


Because I now have JPEG recipes for both Fujifilm ( and Ricoh ( cameras, my wife, Amanda, suggested that I should have an overarching website that joins the two together. Amanda is always right about these things, so I created, my new homepage! Of course, Fuji X Weekly still has its own homepage. Nothing has changed. But I can now direct people to for both Fujifilm and Ricoh—it doesn’t matter which brand you have. In fact, you might have both, because there’s quite a few people who do—there’s some overlap between these two brands of cameras thanks to their popularity among street, travel, and documentary photographers. You can access both Fuji X Weekly and Ritchie’s Ricoh Recipes from

There’s not a lot of stuff on the new website. There’s a Photo Gallery that you might enjoy. Beyond that, it simply stands as a gateway to Fuji X Weekly and Ritchie’s Ricoh Recipes. So if you’d like, check it out! Also, stay tuned, because at least one big announcement is coming soon!