New Ricoh GR III & GR IIIx Recipes!!

Captured with a Ricoh GR III using the new “Classic Emulsion” Recipe.

I just published a new set of Ricoh GR III & GR IIIx RecipesThe Film Collection!

For those of you who (in addition to your Fujifilm X cameras) own a Ricoh GR III and/or GR IIIx, you now have five new Ricoh Recipes to choose from, and if you are a Ricoh Recipes App Patron, you have an additional Recipe available to you on the App. Be sure to check it out! If you haven’t updated the firmware of your GR III or GR IIIx recently, be sure to do so right away to get the new Negative Film Picture Control Effect.

Classic Emulsion

Positive Emulsion

Kodak Print

Film Look

Vintage Film

Nostalgic Print

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Ricoh GR IIIx  Amazon  B&H  Moment


  1. Junot · February 22

    Yes, some new Ricoh recipes!
    I’ve been using your Fuji recipes for years now with my X-T3/X-S10/X-E4 and recently bought a GR III Street Edition, so these recipes are more than welcome. Been enjoying that stealthy little Ricoh for street photography and I love it.

    • Ritchie Roesch · February 23

      Awesome! So glad that it’s helpful to your photography! 😀

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