Rumor: Fujifilm Neopan Acros To Be Discontinued



Ilford Technology – South Weber, UT – Fujifilm X100F – Acros Film Simulation

According to Casual Photophile, Fujifilm plans to discontinue Neopan Acros film in the near future. That’s really too bad, because Neopan Acros is a great black-and-white film. I didn’t use it all the time, and I haven’t shot it in at least a decade, but I appreciated using Neaopan 100 Acros and Neopan 400 Acros (which was discontinued a number of years ago) in my old Canon A-E1 back when I shot a lot of film. I mostly used Ilford Delta films.

Interestingly, film sales have been up over the last few years. Several previously discontinued film stocks have been brought back from the dead lately, and rumors of others have surfaced. Even brand-new films have been developed. But, perhaps, Neopan Acros still isn’t selling enough rolls to justify its existence. For those who shoot black-and-white film, this is significant news, and it might have a big impact on your photography.

Fujifilm X-Trans III cameras, such as the X100F, have an Acros Film Simulation, which is quite accurate and faithful to Neopan Acros film. It’s not 100% spot on, but it’s darn close and definitely has a film-like quality. I’m sad that Neopan Acros is coming to an end, but I’m happy that the soul of it still exists in digital fashion in Fujifilm cameras.

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