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Fujifilm GearThere’s a new page that I created on Fuji X Weekly called Fujifilm Gear. The intention of this new page is to make it more convenient to find camera and lens reviews, recommendations, and links to buy. Up until this point it has been difficult to find that information because you had to dig for it. The articles were on this blog, but you might have been unaware of their existence, or missed them when they were new, or didn’t know how to locate them. Now it’s all in one easy-to-find place, which should improve the Fuji X Weekly experience, at least a little.

I hope to expand the page, adding more articles as I write them. As best as I can I will keep the links accurate so that you can see what gear is on sale, which will hopefully make bargain hunting a tad easier for you. I’m hoping that this will be a good resource, and it will be a page that you’ll return to often.

To get to Fujifilm Gear, simply click on the three bars (the “hamburger menu”) at the top-left of this page. Once there, I recommend bookmarking the page so that you can easily find it whenever you might want to access it. You can also follow Fuji X Weekly, if you haven’t already done so. When you are at the top of this page, click “follow” on the bottom-right. Oh, and don’t forget to look me up on Instragram: @fujixweekly.


  1. Tim Matson · September 6, 2019

    just ordered a fuji 16mm 2.8 as alternative to
    old takumar.. lighten the load… go auto when useful…
    get a bit wider than the 24 tak…

    really digging this new xt30!

    your site is inspiring and educational!

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 6, 2019

      Awesome! That lens is high on my list. I had the 16mm f1.4 at one time, but it was a bit big and heavy.

  2. Khürt Williams · September 8, 2019

    Your new page reminded me that I needed to finish my half written Asahi lens reviews. 🤪

    I’m keen to read your Fujinon 8-16mm review. I don’t yet have the budget for that lens but I do want something with that range.

    • Ritchie Roesch · September 8, 2019

      I’m so bad about writing reviews, because they take so much time and attention, but it’s helpful to a lot of people. I don’t have an 8-16mm review. I hope it’s clear on this page that those are links to buy, not reviews. There are reviews at the top. I may need to revisit how this page is laid out. Thank you for the feedback!

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