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I created a new Fuji X Weekly page called Development. You can find it by clicking on the top-left “hamburger” menu and then selecting Development. This new page has absolutely nothing to do with developing pictures, but instead has posts relating to personal development as a photographer. This is where you’ll find things like how-to articles and photography advice. So far it’s not a huge list of articles, but I hope to expand it greatly in the coming months. It’s small now, but it will be much larger soon enough. I’m hoping that it will be a wonderful resource for some of you. I encourage you to check it out, and to revisit it regularly to see what’s new.


  1. Nicolas · October 17, 2019

    Hey Ritchie

    That sounds like a great idea!
    And thanks again for letting me drop my sites in your “Share Your Website” section…


  2. Drew Sinclair · October 17, 2019

    This is a great resource. Thanks for creating it. Here is a question for you… What would you say is the best Film Sim you have suited for night photography? Potentially bad lighting etc… Cheers!

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 17, 2019

      Thank you! I personally like the CineStill recipe for night pictures, that’s my personal favorite.

      • Drew Sinclair · October 17, 2019

        Thanks for your reply. I will give that a shot then. I’m just home from the Berlin Festival of Lights. I took a few photos and will have a look at them in Fuji X RAW Studio tomorrow with CineStill. Thanks again!

      • Ritchie Roesch · October 17, 2019

        You are welcome! Let me know how it turns out.

  3. Khürt Williams · October 17, 2019

    Ah. For a moment I thought you were going to write about C-41 versus E-41 process. LOL!

  4. robert christian · October 18, 2019

    how about an feature on a little discussed topic, out put. making prints from the digital information in your computer.

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 18, 2019

      That’s a great idea! I appreciate the input.

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