New GFX-50S II Coming Soon

Original GFX-50S

According to Fujirumors, Fujifilm will be releasing a new GFX-50S II medium-format camera in the second half of 2021 (most likely, sometime in the fall). Fujifilm loaned me the original GFX-50S camera earlier this year, and at that time I said Fujifilm would likely be replacing the GFX-50S with a new model soon. Sure enough, they are!

What Fujirumors has so far reported on the new version is that it will be in the same body as the GFX100S, which means that it will also have IBIS, it will have the same sensor as the GFX-50S and GFX-50R, and it will cost only $4,000 (and $4,500 when bundled with the upcoming GF35-70mm lens). That’s stunning!

Even though it’s an older sensor, I really appreciate how the GFX-50S renders pictures, particularly in shadows. I don’t mind that the camera won’t include a brand-new sensor. What I hope is that it includes a new processor, preferably the one inside the GFX100S. If the GFX-50S is a GFX100S, except with an “old” 50-megapixel sensor instead of a new 100-megapixel sensor, for only four thousand dollars, that’s unbelievable! It will be a hit, I have no doubts about it. I might have to get one myself.

It should be mentioned that, for most people, there’s not a big advantage of GFX over Fujifilm X. Yes, GFX produces lovely pictures that are a pixel-peeper’s dream, but unless you print very large, crop really deeply, and/or need that extra dynamic range in the shadows, Fujifilm X cameras will serve you very well for a whole lot less money.


  1. Khürt Williams · June 27, 2021

    What’s the point of all this upgrading? Does it make one a more capable photographer or just a photographer with more capable gear? Is Fuji X Weekly becoming a gear review website?

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 27, 2021

      So I see three separate questions:

      What’s the point of upgrading? I’m assuming this is not a general question but a personal inquiry. There are two reasons why I would want the GFX-50S II: 1) I can create more GFX recipes, something I’ve had a lot of requests for, and 2) I want to make some large prints (4′ x 6′) of National Parks, such as Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce, etc.). While Fujifilm X is great, it’s a bit of a stretch to print that large.

      Does upgraded gear make one a more capable photographer? Absolutely not. In some cases, a camera like the GFX-50S II might actually be a liability (bigger, heavier, slower). A great photographer can craft great pictures no matter the gear, and an incapable photographer cannot craft great pictures no matter the gear.

      Is Fuji X Weekly becoming a gear review website? The original vision of this blog, that I laid out in the very first post, was that Fuji X Weekly was a long-term review of the Fujifilm X100F. It didn’t take long for that vision to begin to morph into something else entirely (primarily JPEG camera settings), but discussing gear has always been a part of this website from the very beginning, and will continue to be a part of it, although it’s definitely a minor subplot now and not the main subject.

      I appreciate the questions! Thanks for the input!

      • Khürt Williams · July 1, 2021

        Hi Ritchie, that’s a well-reasoned response. It was a personal inquiry, one that I would have answered myself if I had heeded this bit of advice from David Hobby (the Strobist).

        > There is no perfect camera. Get that idea out of your head right now. Every camera is a compromise. Size, speed, image quality, low-light performance, price, etc., can be features or liabilities.

      • Ritchie Roesch · July 4, 2021

        I agree! There’s no such thing as a perfect camera. But, like tools in the garage, cameras have different strengths. A screwdriver can hammer a nail, but not well. An X100 is great for street photography, but not sports. In my opinion, it’s finding what meets your needs, finding the camera that has the strengths to match what you’re trying to accomplish. Nothing will be perfect, but some will be more ideal than others. I appreciate the input and the link, it’s good advice. Thanks!

  2. Francis.R. · June 27, 2021

    In this moment is not affordable for me but a more more affordable medium format camera will be nice as we will see more artists producing art in bigger prints.

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 28, 2021

      I agree. I remember when the Pentax 645D came out and people went crazy because you could finally buy a digital medium-format camera for “only” $10,000. $4,000 is still expensive, but much closer to what people can actually afford. Wait a couple of years and you will probably be able to pick up a used one for under $3,000.

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