Creative Collective 003: Double Exposure Art — A Simple Method

In-camera double exposure using Fujifilm X-E4 & Ferrania Solaris FG 400 recipe.

I love double exposure photography! If done right, you can cleverly create exceptionally artful pictures. But how do you do it on your Fujifilm camera? What are some easy techniques that give good results? In this article I’ll discuss this topic in detail and provide some useful tips to help you make your own artistic double-exposure photographs.

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  2. dagodago1 · 18 Days Ago

    I’m confused. I logged in (year membership status) and still cannot access this content. I keep getting the pop-up ‘Subscribe to get access’

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  3. LeJab · 18 Days Ago

    I do not have and do not want a credit card. Will you offer an alternative payment method?

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    • Ritchie Roesch · 18 Days Ago

      Unfortunately, this is the only option that WordPress offers for this.


  4. Marco · 17 Days Ago

    I am an app patron and don’t want to add more subscriptions to my pile. I’m actually quite surprised this isn’t included.
    Is there a way to get only newsletter emails about app-related stuff I am already paying for and not get a zillion emails now about posts I can’t access anyway? I’m not so sure you’re following the right model here…


    • Ritchie Roesch · 17 Days Ago

      The Patron App subscription and this are completely separate systems. The App subscription is anonymous—I collect zero data on anybody (unlike most apps), so I have absolutely no idea who is or isn’t a Patron (other than if they tell me). There isn’t a way to link the two systems.
      The Creative Collective is extra content that I’m spending even more of my time to put together, and that’s why there is a (very) small fee for it. If it’s something that you are interested in, you can join, and if it’s not, it’s no big deal. Honestly, I wish that I could give away all of my time and work for free (and I mean that, because I like helping others), but it’s not practical, unless I win the lotto or find a rare coin worth millions or something like that. So I give away for free what I can, but that’s not everything. And I truly appreciate those (like yourself) who help to support this blog and what I do. So thank you!
      I’m sorry that you get bothered by a few extra emails. My suggestion would be to unfollow the blog by email, then you won’t get those. There used to be an option for a weekly digest email, not sure if WordPress still offers that option or not, but if so, that might be the best solution.


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