Fuji X Weekly is on TikTok

Fuji X Weekly is now on TikTok! If you are on TikTok, I invite you to follow me (@Fujixweekly).

You can also find Fuji X Weekly on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon. I’m not always on social media, but I try to post semi-regular updates. Hopefully you’ll find these to be fun and informative extensions of this website.


  1. unktscha · January 6, 2022

    Dear Ritchie, this is all to much for me, I keep staying on your website. I hope this is okay to you.

    Best regards Martin.

    ______________________________ Martin Rose Buchenweg 32 64807 Dieburg GERMANY unktscha@gmail.com +49 1577 1315038


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    • Ritchie Roesch · January 7, 2022

      Yeah, it’s all good. It’s only if you want to, you can, no big deal if you don’t. Take care!


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