Crossing the California Desert with Fujifilm X100V + Kodak Tri-X 400

Welcome to California… Maybe – Blythe, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”

For those keeping up with my move (from Utah to Arizona) and adventure: I’m on the road again. The long story is that we found a home in Arizona, but the moving company can’t deliver our stuff for a couple of weeks. The short story is that we’re off on a new adventure! Among some other stops, we’re enroute to the central California Coast—one of the most beautiful places in the world, in my opinion—while we wait for our furniture and such.

A lot of times I’m the driver on road trips, but as we crossed the Mojave Desert along Interstate 10 in California, I was in the passenger seat. Of course, as a photographer I took full advantage of it, and documented the trek in black-and-white; specifically, I photographed with my Fujifilm X100V using the Kodak Tri-X 400 Film Simulation Recipe. I’ve been using this camera as a monochrome-only model lately.

Shooting out a dirty window at 75 miles-per-hour isn’t ideal; however, in whatever situations that I find myself, I try to do the best I can with what I have. That’s all anyone can do. I’m not always successful, but I thought this series was decent enough to share. I hope that you enjoy!

Storm in the Mirror – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Driving Backwards – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Objects Are Closer – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Freight Flight – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Dash Cam – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Desert Center 16 – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Cars – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Parked Truck – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Fasten Seatbelt & Dead Palms – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Life is a Highway – Somewhere Along I-10, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Exit 146 – Coachella, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”
Expensive Gas – Coachella, CA – Fujifilm X100V – “Kodak Tri-X 400”


  1. frankgphotography · June 26

    These are some wonderful scenes here, thanks for sharing the trip!!

  2. justingould · June 26

    I really like these, and I think the ‘dirty window filter’ is a successful addition! Ignoring how jealous I am of the impromptu trip to the California Coast, I’m really looking forward to the posts you’ll share, and the recipes you’ll be inspired to develop.

    • juanimal · June 26

      Now is time to work on a recipe that imitates that dirty window filter XD

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 27

      Lol! I did experiment once with putting actual film in-between the lens and the sensor. It was interesting, but obviously not especially practical. I appreciate your kindness!

  3. Albert Smith · June 26

    I’ve done the I-10 hump from L.A. to Florida many times, know Blythe well.

    I was always on a time crunch and had to put my camera in the trunk or I’d never get 10 miles before having to pull over and shoot the interesting scenery.

    Your B&W looks very nice.

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 27

      I’ve always wanted to stop and photograph Desert Center, but I can never convince the other passengers. I know far too much about the history of it. For instance, the guy who founded the town crossed the desert in 1921 and broke down there, so he figured it would be a good spot for a service station. Then, in the 1930’s, as the aqueduct was being constructed to bring Colorado River water into L.A., a doctor setup shop in Desert Center. His building was the only one with A/C around, and so the workers would fake an ailment just for some moments in the cool building; however, many of them wouldn’t pay their bills. The doctor approached their employer, Kaiser, and he made this arrangement: a portion of the workers’ paycheck would be withheld to pay for the doctor visits. This led to Kaiser Permanente and the employer-based health insurance system we are under now.

      I appreciate your comment!

  4. lu · June 26

    Your posts and photos are very inspiring! Totally not me looking for Fujifilms to buy…..

  5. Eric Anderson · June 26

    The California Central Coast is indeed wonderful, and foggy in the summertime. Bring a coat and embrace the beauty.

  6. Marc P. · June 27

    Fine pictures ! I’d love to see new Film Simulations for us “old gear” Users, please don’t forget those Fujifilm people with a X-E1, X-E2 and X-T1 and X-T10, Ritchie.


    • Ritchie Roesch · June 27

      My X-Trans I and X-Trans II camera are packed away because I’m in the process of moving. I can unpack them in two weeks, so at that time I can begin working on new recipes with them. I appreciate the input!

  7. Butterfly · June 30

    Nice post 😄

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