New: Fujifilm XApp

Fujifilm just released a new App, called XApp, for some Fujifilm X and GFX cameras, which is an alternative to the much maligned Cam Remote App. This new App has been long-rumored and highly-anticipated. It’s available right now in the app store!

Firstly, it’s disappointing that the new app is only for X-Trans IV and V cameras, plus the GFX100S and GFX50S II. If you have any other model, you’re stuck using the old Cam Remote App. I have both newer and older models, and it would be nice if I could use just one app instead of two, so I might just stick with the old Cam Remote App, since recently I’ve been able to get it to work for me most of the time; I’ll have to play with the new XApp more before I decide for certain, but on Day One, that’s the direction I’m leaning.

The new XApp does require your Fujifilm camera to be up-to-date on the firmware. I don’t update the firmware on my cameras each time a new one is released. I look at what’s in the update, see if any of it would seemingly impact me, and if so I’ll update the firmware—usually, I will wait a few days after the initial release. I do all this for three reasons: 1) if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, 2) it can be a hassle sometimes to update the firmware, and 3), on a very rare occasion (but it has happened), the new firmware update will be buggy and cause all sorts of havoc, usually followed by Fujifilm re-releasing the old firmware or releasing a quick update to fix the one they just put out.

I love Fujifilm Kaizen firmware updates, and I think they should recommit to that philosophy, but I don’t make it a habit to always update the firmware; however, because of this, I discovered that none of my current cameras could use the XApp without updating the firmware first. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me that this was a requirement (if I had watched the X Summit first, I suppose I would have known), and there were a few minutes of frustration before I figured it out; hopefully, being aware that your firmware needs to be up-to-date will help you have a smoother process than I did.

I captured this yesterday with my Fujifilm X70, which is not compatible with XApp.

My initial impressions after briefly using XApp are that the UI is definitely improved, connecting the camera to the app is much easier and quicker, and there’s a little more that the app can do compared to the old Cam Remote app. While it’s absolutely better than Cam Remote, it’s still pretty much the same functionality (for example, you still cannot transfer RAW files), so I think it’s important to keep expectations in check.

Interestingly, with XApp you can import global backups of camera settings, and restore those settings later. I haven’t played around with it much yet, but I think you could in theory have several different backups saved with different Film Simulation Recipes in each, and remotely restore whichever ones you need for various situations. Maybe a summer set, a winter set, a travel set, etc.. It would take some work to set up, but it has some interesting potential I think.

The app can also keep track of some data, specifically the number of frames captured, which film simulations (not Recipes, just the film sims) you used, the cameras, the lenses, and videos clips. If you want to dive into how you’re using your cameras slightly deeper, this might be a useful feature.

XApp is definitely an improvement. I’m disappointed that it is only for newer cameras, and you cannot use the app with older models. I’m not certain yet if I’ll keep both apps, and use XApp for my compatible models and Cam Remote for my non-compatible cameras, or if I’ll just stick with Cam Remote, since I can use it with all of my Fujifilm X bodies. I am glad, though, that Fujifilm finally addressed their less-than-stellar Cam Remote app by releasing an alternative. I’m sure many of you will find XApp to be a better experience overall than the old app.

Also announced today by Fujifilm are the X-S20 vlogger/travel camera (as Fujifilm put it) and Fujinon 8mm f/3.5, a tempting lens for architecture, real estate, and landscape photographers needing an ultra-wide option.

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Fujifilm X-S20:  Amazon  B&H  Moment
Fujinon 8mm f/3.5:  Amazon  B&H  Moment


  1. bokehman100 · May 24

    I guess my XE-3 is too old. Thanks, Fuji. No matter … I prefer my GRlllx.

    • Ritchie Roesch · May 25

      It definitely would have been nice if Fujifilm could have incorporated the older models into the new app, even if some app features needed to be disabled for those cameras to work with it. Now they have two apps, which just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in my opinion (but what do I know, right?!?)….

  2. stefan0n · May 25

    For me too is really a bad thing not supporting older cameras (I’ve an X-H1 that was too fast forgotten by Fujifilm) but this is only another step in a direction that goes against some users in my opinion. I’ve stopped considering buying more Fuji hardware/lenses after the X-H1 experience, and this after being an enthusiast user before, and switched again to Canon for semi-pro uses.

    • Ritchie Roesch · May 26

      I think the X-H1 has bluetooth if I’m not mistaken, so it should be supported and it’s too bad it’s not (maybe they’ll add it later?).

  3. Max R · May 25

    It’s about Bluetooth implementation and processing power of the camera. So no surprise or dissapointment for me there.
    I will never understand people which do not update their products with new firmware/software. I usually also wait 1-2 days but than the update will be done.

    • Ritchie Roesch · May 26

      I think they could still integrate non-Bluetooth cameras into the app (kind of like the Cam Remote app is compatible with both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth models) and just reduce functionality for those models. I’d rather have one app than two.

      As far as why I don’t always update the firmware… once bitten twice shy is my answer top answer. Time and hassle would be my second answer.

      I feel a little bit bad for those with a GFX100S or GFX 50S II who didn’t wait a few days to update the firmware….

  4. Richard · May 25

    Did Fuji just take the app away from the iphone and android stores? Looks like it is missing now – although it was showing up about 12 hours ago.

  5. Marek · May 25

    I don’t have such an app in the android Play shop

  6. formatik · May 25

    Im in the Netherlands.. apparently the app is not supported in my country (iOS). I did however do the firmware update. Why is an app geolocked?

  7. formatik · May 25

    Nvm the app was pulled from the stores a few hours ago. No one can download it at the moment.

  8. Juan · May 25

    WIFI pairing still has problems, as it did in the previous version. iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    I have tried pairing the X-T30 II and X-T5 cameras

    • Austin Park · May 25

      On iOS I would recommend double checking the wifi settings for the camera’s wifi network in Settings, to disable Private WiFi address and Limit IP Address Tracking.

    • Ritchie Roesch · May 26

      The camera’s firmware has to be up-to-date… if not, it won’t pair. My X100V connected quickly and easily without any issues (haven’t tried any other cameras yet).

  9. Z · May 25

    I’m in Oregon and an iPhone 14, Apparently it’s not available in my region?

  10. denisdyakov · May 25

    My disappointment, that app in “Image acquisition” mode does not show Exif info constantly. Because personally I use Rating to preselect good photos. It works with the button “i”, but disappear after scroll to new picture, and each next photo, you need to press “i” again and again.

  11. Dave · June 4

    I cannot figure out how to turn geotagging off after this firmware update and new xapp. There is no option to turn it off in the app.

    • Ritchie Roesch · June 12

      I have no idea. I’m still using the old app for now.

  12. Ryan · August 24

    After using the App for some time it is a great improvement for me. The biggest downside for me is that location services need to be set on „Always“ (at least for iOS).
    I‘ve created a shortcut for iOS what opens the location services for the App and launching the App after 4 seconds. Like that you can change the location services to Always, use the App and then go back and change them back. This is securing your privacy and you avoid to go through all of the settings.
    Feel free to use it.

    Shortcut Link:

    • Ritchie Roesch · August 25

      Thanks for sharing! I’m still using the “old” app… 😮

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