When you just have to Grab your Camera and Shoot

Fujifilm X100V — Vintage Vibes Recipe

A couple of weeks ago I had this realization that I hadn’t been using my Fujifilm X100V as much as I would have liked to or normally would have. I was grabbing some of my other cameras, like the Fujifilm X-E4 and Fujifilm X-T5, instead. But I really like shooting with my X100V—it’s my “desert island” camera; if I could only ever shoot with one for the rest of my life, it would be the X100V.

While having the realization that the camera was collecting more dust than usual, I also noticed that the light was changing and becoming favorable for photography. I snatched the X100V, set it to my Vintage Vibes Film Simulation Recipe, and headed out the door, in search of an interesting picture opportunity nearby.

Just as the sun was nearing the horizon, I found a spot in the desert with some pops of late-spring color. I decided this was my opportunity, so I began capturing images. The light didn’t last long, and the bugs were becoming a nuisance; nevertheless, I was able to snap a few interesting pictures before heading home.

Perhaps more important than the images, I used the camera that I love most. I dusted it off, put it in my hand, took some steps outside, and pressed the shutter release button. Whether or not the pictures turned out was less critical than the act of actively using it. Yes, pictures are important, but so is the experience—actually, the experience is probably the most important. If you haven’t used your beloved gear much lately, be sure to get it in your hands ASAP and take some pictures!

Fujifilm X100V — Vintage Vibes Recipe
Fujifilm X100V — Vintage Vibes Recipe
Fujifilm X100V — Vintage Vibes Recipe
Fujifilm X100V — Vintage Vibes Recipe
Fujifilm X100V — Vintage Vibes Recipe


  1. Ama · May 23

    I sprained my ankle really badly last week and can’t go shoot at all right now, but I’ll make sure to go out and shoot again the moment I can walk again!

  2. Udo Ingber · May 23

    Fair point and good reminder. Even I’m a 99% Fuji shooter in the meantime I still own a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and your article reminds me to use this piece of gear occassionally to avoid it gets rusty. Thanks so much for your reminder.

  3. Will · May 24

    You’re right it’s almost like stress therapy to be honest just getting out and shoot, specially love trying out the film sims, I just finished loading the CineStill 800T onto my X-T30 II and definitely wanna give it a go

    • Ritchie Roesch · May 25

      It’s definitely stress therapy for me! 😀 Hope you enjoy those Recipes!

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