My X-T30 Eterna Recipe For X-Trans III


Kitchenscape – South Weber, UT – Fujifilm X-T30 – Eterna

A couple of days ago I published my Fujifilm X-T30 Eterna film simulation recipe, which I have received a lot of positive feedback for. I have also received several requests to invent a film simulation recipe that produces similar results without using Eterna, for those who have X-Trans III cameras and don’t have access to that film simulation. Well, I did it! I made an “Eterna” recipe that mimics my Eterna recipe. It’s not a 100% match, but it’s pretty close, and don’t think you’ll get much closer without using Eterna.

There are a few settings that could be adjusted, so you’ll have to decide what you like best. I think Shadow should be set to +1.5, but since that setting doesn’t exist, you’ll have to choose between +1 and +2. I went with the latter. It’s a similar situation with Color, and I went with +3 but you could choose +2 instead. I think that an argument could be made that a white balance shift of +6 Red and -6 Blue is more accurate, so there’s another decision. You can make whatever changes you’d like to customize this recipe to your own tastes.

PRO Neg. Std
Dynamic Range: DR200
Highlight: +2
Shadow: +2
Color: +3
Noise Reduction: -4
Grain Effect: Strong
White Balance: Auto, +5 Red & -6 Blue
ISO: Auto up to ISO 6400


100 North & Main Street – Kaysville, UT – Fujifilm X-T30 – Eterna


“Eterna” using PRO Neg. Std.


Neon Reflection – Ogden, UT – Fujifilm X-T30 – Eterna


“Eterna” using PRO Neg. Std.


Taste On Sale – Ogden, UT – Fujifilm X-T30 – Eterna


“Eterna” using PRO Neg. Std.


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  2. fragglerocking · April 14, 2019

    Will give that a go on my 100F today!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Khürt Williams · April 14, 2019

    I like it. It feels “crisp”.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. neil davies · June 3, 2019

    hope to try this out this on my x-t1 soon hope you could make some different one in the future

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  6. Tob · July 13, 2019

    I dialed in those settings into my Fuji X-T20 but the image looks really bad and too contrasty, it’s almost only black and white. Are the values really supposed to be “+” because your on your first Eterna profile you used “-” values which decreases contrast and gives it a more cinematic look. Or am I doing something wrong here? Thanks for your effort, love your custom styles, especially Kodachrome II.


  7. Mario · April 21, 2020

    Hi Ritchie.
    How would you translate the WB shift to X-Trans II sensors? I’m going to try and adapt this recipe to use in my X100T. I’ve always liked the tone quality of the pro neg simulations, to my eyes they seem very film-like.


    • Ritchie Roesch · April 21, 2020

      I don’t know that you can translate this recipe fully to X-Trans II, but for WB shift I would try +3 R and -4B. That should get you in the neighborhood.


      • Mario · April 21, 2020

        Thank you! Yeh, I don’t think it will be a complete match but it might be fun. I’ll let you know if I get some interesting photos.
        Stay safe!

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      • Ritchie Roesch · April 21, 2020

        Definitely keep me up to date!


  8. georgesimpsonart · June 18, 2020

    So, i wanted a plain ‘eterna’ and decided to make up the difference between this and your eterna recipe, since its meant to replicate that adjusted recipe, thinking that would produce standard eterna. Good results, and surprisingly accurate! setting white balance to -5r +6b, with -2 shadows/contrast. I actually used flourescent 2 setting. Am not sure if its really a flourescent film to be honest! DR400 too. Its best for high DR shots. Or if you take it rather underexposed for a kind of ‘faded’ look is cool. I find i have EV set to 1 OR -1 or more, for a particular ‘nostalgia film’ effect but not much at 0EV.


    • Ritchie Roesch · June 18, 2020

      That’s really interesting, I will have to give it a try! Thank you for sharing!


  9. Thomas · September 28, 2020

    Hi Ritchie,
    this is what I looking for this site blows me up. So great what you do here for us …….

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Stefan · October 10, 2020

    Is it correct that you’d have to adjust the white balance every time you want to shoot a different custom simulation? Since there’s only 3 custom white balance settings and up to 7 custom film simulations, you could have three custom balances dedicated to particular sims, but would have to change the white balance each time you used the others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ritchie Roesch · October 14, 2020

      Custom White Balance is a custom white balance measurement. On every camera except the X100V, X-Pro3 and X-T4 (and I presume the upcoming X-S10 and X-E4), the white balance shift cannot be saved. If all of your 7 presets use Auto White Balance, you’ll have to change the shift each time you change presets. If each of your 7 presets uses a different white balance, (Auto, Daylight, Shade, Kelvin, Fluorescent 1, Fluorescent 2, Fluorescent 3, for example), then you won’t have to adjust the white balance shift because the camera will remember one shift per white balance. I hope this helps!


  11. Thomas Schwab · November 1, 2020

    Any other idea/suggestion about a recipe update for X100V/XPRO3/XT4?
    Highlight/Shadow +3
    Sharpening 0
    Clarity +3
    FX Blue weak
    BR Thomas

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ritchie Roesch · November 2, 2020

      This is a really nice, underrated recipe. I think your suggestion is great! I’ll have to try it when I have a chance. I appreciate it, Thomas!


  12. Niklas · November 22, 2020

    Hey Ritchie,
    how are your “Eterna” and Eterna recipes for X100F and XT30 so vastly different in settings when they both use Pro Neg. St and an X-Trans III? Am I missing something or what is the “right” one of those 2 for the XT2?


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  16. Gab Castillo · November 7

    Holy crap this is so good!

    Liked by 1 person

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