Report: Fujifilm will Announce a “Very Small” Digital Camera THIS Month!

According to Fujirumors, there is a brand-new rumor that Fujifilm will announce a “very small” digital camera within the next couple of weeks, sometime before the end of the month. No other details were provided, so our imagination can run wild with what exactly it is.

While this is certainly exciting news, I think it’s important to keep our expectations in check. There’s no X Summit to go along with this announcement, which means that it’s not a camera that Fujifilm deems as a significant model. Fujifilm typically makes a big fuss when they reveal a new camera, but they don’t always; however, those cameras tend to be low-end budget models. There wasn’t an X Summit back when the XF10 was announced, for example.

What, then, will this camera be? Nobody yet knows, but my guess is a low-end model, most likely a Bayer camera. I thought Fujifilm was done making these, but maybe they believe there’s a market after all?

The upcoming model might be an X-A8. The X-A series was a popular line—especially in Asian countries—for many years, but the X-A7 had disappointing sales numbers, and was abruptly discontinued not long after release. The X-A7 and X-T200 were basically competing against each other, and it might have been a case of Fujifilm offering two models that were too similar. Both lines had been axed, but maybe Fujifilm feels there’s enough demand that they can resurrect one; since the X-A line was smaller than the X-T000 series, I could see it qualifying as a “very small” model.

Another possibility is something that probably nobody is thinking of: pocket digicam zoom. Something like the XF1 and XQ2 would be intriguing, but it could also be more along the lines of the FinePix T400, since there has been renewed interest in those types of cameras. Perhaps it’s a successor to the XP140 waterproof camera? That’s actually the most likely option, as unexciting as it might be.

Of course it could be an XF20, a followup to the XF10. The XF10 had mediocre sales, but with the Ricoh GR III being almost as in-demand as the X100V, Fujifilm might possibly see an opportunity. Strike while the iron’s hot, as they say—and the iron for that type of camera is certainly hot right now. Even better would be an X80, the long-hoped-for successor to the X70. I think an X80 would get an X Summit, so I’m less hopeful for that, but you never know. A lot of people wish for that camera, so I will keep my fingers crossed.

Could “very small” be in reference to an X-E5? Probably not, unless they shrunk it a bunch. Also, they’d announce it at an X Summit, I’m certain. It could be an Instax Mini EVO 2, which would technically be a digital camera, and is quite tiny in the world of Instax. Don’t be surprised if it’s this. I’ll certainly be disappointed, as it wouldn’t fit my personal definition of “very small” or “digital camera.”

Most likely, the new camera will be a FinePix XP150 (or whatever they’ll call it). If so, it’s not something I have any interest in buying. I think an XF20 or X-A8 are small possibilities, but I would be shocked, since Fujifilm has seemingly moved beyond releasing those types of cameras. Even less likely are are an X40 or XQ3, since Fujifilm hasn’t made 2/3″ sensor models in a long time. An X80 would be most ideal, and a camera that a lot of people would celebrate—I would be at the front of the line to buy it—but I don’t think Fujifilm would announce it without fanfare, so I highly doubt that is it.

Since there’s not going to be much fanfare, it’s not going to be a camera that you’ll probably get excited for. Because we don’t know what it will be—only that it’s coming, whatever it is—our imaginations can run wild, and the possibilities, no matter how unlikely, give us some excitement. Just keep your expectations low, or else you’ll probably be disappointed.


  1. HL fotoeins · 15 Days Ago

    Interesting! Let’s see here: how about something small, something fixed but wider than the X100V, and something non-PASM. “The X70 is dead; long live the X80!”

  2. Ben · 15 Days Ago

    I think there is definitely room in the market for a small, APS-C camera like the XF10, especially with the explosion of interest in older pocketable compacts like the Canon IXUS range (which are fun to use but don’t really offer any quality improvement over a good phone)

    Make a trendy black and silver model that looks like a mini X100V would sell like hotcakes. A beefed up XF10 with a few more manual control setting options (like using the lens control ring to adjust aperture). Add “auto hyperfocal distance” mode to the existing Snapshot mode and they could have a Ricoh GRIII killer on their hands for street photography.

  3. Don · 15 Days Ago

    I’m a passionate believer in the XE. An X-E5 would be only appropriate. The X-E4s are gone. The X-E4 ignited like a rocket and created some disappointment when they were unattainable. I think the X-E4 caught Fujifilm by Surprise that the demand was there. An X-E5 with a focus switch up front? 40MP? They probably wouldn’t do the 40MP, but a improved viewfinder would just kill it.

  4. nathanielsy · 15 Days Ago

    Hoping it would be an X80 with:
    • Either an updated 18mm f/2.8 sensor or even 27mm f/2.8
    • Even the previous XTrans4 sensor & processor will do fine***
    • EVF
    • With LCD or No LCD is fine (If the latter, playback of photo or video via viewfinder)***
    • 2.7K video or even 1080 is fine (OR EVEN NO VIDEO AT ALL)***
    • 18 film sims (No need for Nostalgic Neg or Reala Ace as long as Classic neg is there but if they’re included, great)***
    • Shutter/ISO dial of the X100v (But if PASM dial, it’s fine***)
    • Front & rear command dial (with push feature to change settings between Shutter-Aperture-Exp. Comp.).
    • US$499
    ***To keep the cost down, CRIPPLE it quite heaviily.

  5. Onno · 15 Days Ago

    One would expect a camera that competes directly with the GRiii, so I’d be surprised (and furious :)) if it was just a successor of the waterproof camera. I’m betting (well, “hoping” is more accurate) XF20!

  6. theBitterFig · 14 Days Ago

    Don’t get me wrong, an x80 would be fantastic. That’d be my pick. I wouldn’t physically change it much, but would bundle with a simple coldshoe OVF.

    But a small-sensor digicam with an XTrans sensor and film sims could be really sweet. Pocket size, basic zoom lens, but still with that Fuji character. Getting Fuji-style JPEGs out of a tiny pocket camera might be the shot in the arm the small-sensor digicam market needs.

  7. Dimitri Kellan · 12 Days Ago

    Please let it be like the x-30 but with manual controls on top. I don’t care what ur costs.

  8. Vladimir · 10 Days Ago

    Neither FX nor GFX but Instax (((

    • Ritchie Roesch · 9 Days Ago

      I’m actually slightly more intrigued by the Instax camera than the new GFX model…. 😮

  9. Tim Gasper · 7 Days Ago

    Will be great for travel and street photography. Who knows? Maybe some others. Will wait for further details. Thank you for the info.

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