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On August 21, 2017, I began the Fuji X Weekly blog with the photograph above and several paragraphs explaining why I started this thing and what I envisioned it becoming. Several twists and turns have taken place along the way. What this blog is today isn’t exactly what I originally had in mind. It has evolved in ways that I didn’t anticipate back in late-summer of 2017, as well as some ways that I thought could potentially happen. That’s alright, because it’s much greater than I thought possible! I’m not bragging. It’s because of you all that Fuji X Weekly is what it is. Like you, I’m just going along for the ride, and we’ll find out together where things go over the coming months and years.

I wanted to announce two changes that are big, yet may not be completely obvious at first. These changes are the direct result of you guys and gals out there that have ordered products using my Amazon links. I recently received the first payment, and it was just enough money to accomplish what I hoped to accomplish. Like I promised, the purpose of the links is to improve the Fuji X Weekly experience. It’s thanks to you that these changes happened. Thank you!

The first thing you might notice is that this blog is officially fujixweekly.com. Yea! You don’t have to use “.wordpress” anymore. If you’ve linked to this blog, those links will still work even though “.wordpress” is in the address. However, from here on out, the address is shorter and simpler, and hopefully that makes things easier for you when you wish to visit or share. Also, I’m hoping that it gives this website a little more credibility, as “.wordpress” has an amateur air to it.

The second big change is that the WordPress advertisements should be gone forever. Because I was using their free service, WordPress was plastering advertisements all over this blog. It was annoying! I didn’t benefit from those ads except that I didn’t have to pay WordPress any money for this website. Now that I’m not using the free service, there are no more advertisements. This should make the blog look more clean and less cluttered, and hopefully you won’t feel hounded for money. I will still post Amazon links here and there, but I hope that you find that to be a helpful service and not an annoying ploy.

Anyway, welcome to fujixweekly.com! Expect more positive changes to come, and those changes are all thanks to you!

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