Fuji X Weekly App Sighting in MKBHD Video!

Can you spot the Fuji X Weekly App?

While watching an MKBHD video on YouTube, I spotted the Fuji X Weekly App on someone’s phone. It’s like I saw Sasquatch in the forest!

Marques Brownlee, the popular YouTuber who runs the MKBHD channel, published a video two weeks ago: My Everyday Tech: 2022. Brownlee’s team has a behind-the-scenes channel called “The Studio” that’s also quite popular, and they published a companion video: Our Everyday Tech: 2022. In that video, Vinh Dang (who is Brownlee’s Art Director), shares the gear he uses, which includes a Fujifilm X-T3. While discussing his phone, you can see the Fuji X Weekly App prominently displayed, right below the iPhone Camera app, and above the YouTube app. Whoa.

It would be an amazing shock if MKBHD ever mentioned the Fuji X Weekly App and Film Simulation Recipes on their channels. That likely will never happen. But I’m stoked that the App was hiding in plain sight in their video for about four seconds—if you skip to the 6:09 mark you can see it, too. Maybe, like those Bigfoot photos, it’s a little fuzzy, but I swear I saw it between the trees, covered in hair and taking long strides, before disappearing into the dense forest.

Also, almost two months ago I did an interview with FRONT Photography that they recently published, which you can check out here!


  1. shuttersoundtr · January 27, 2022

    I’m happy for you, I understand because I felt the same emotions when I saw my photo in your simulation video. 🤓 I commend you for success!

  2. olivercoats · January 27, 2022

    That’s a very good spot, and a very nice find! 👍😊

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