Introducing RitchieCam!

Surprise! I just released an iPhone camera app. I call it RitchieCam, and it’s available in the App Store right now for free!

What is RitchieCam? It’s an easy-to-use streamlined camera intended to bring one-step photography to the iPhone. You’ll find 17 analog-inspired filters so that you don’t have to edit your mobile pictures if you don’t want to. I think you will appreciate the app, yet it is intended for anyone and everyone with an iPhone, and not just photographers. You can read all about it at

This is a project I’ve been secretly working on for nearly a year. While I always thought it would be difficult and complicated, I had no idea just how much so! I’m extremely happy with how it turned out, yet I hope that this is just the beginning, as there are several new features and improvements already in the works, and even more on my wish-list. I’m very proud of RitchieCam, and I hope that you find it fun and useful. I personally have enjoyed using it over the last several weeks, including on a road trip to Moab, Utah.

RitchieCam is free! Or, really, it’s a “freemium” app, and for $9.99 (USD +Tax annually) you can unlock all of the filters and features.

Some pictures I captured with RitchieCam on that Moab road trip:

Standard Film
Faded Film
Instant Color 3
Analog Gold
Night Negative


  1. justingould · March 2, 2022

    Hi Ritchie,

    Congrats on the app. Looks great, but a bug for me. It’s not saving the photos anywhere.

    iPhone 13 pro, latest iOS

    Justin Gould – sent from iPhone


  2. justingould · March 2, 2022

    Hi again,

    Have quit and restarted the app, it’s ok.

    Maybe it’s the permission to access photos. I agreed, but maybe that didn’t take effect right away?


    Justin Gould – sent from iPhone


    • Ritchie Roesch · March 2, 2022

      Thank you for the feedback! We’ll definitely look into this. Glad it’s working now.

  3. rederik75 · March 2, 2022

    Wow, It seems nice…. Will it ever land on android?

    • Ritchie Roesch · March 4, 2022

      Maybe, if it does well on iOS. It took almost a year to make, so it was a big undertaking. I appreciate the input!

  4. Francis.R. · March 2, 2022

    Congratulations, Ritchie. Is a great joy to be hard work culminating into reality. I like the filters, they make me recall what VSCO was until Android 4.4 or so, when it was elegant with few touches; or maybe is the oled screen in current smartphones but cannot avoid to feel the filters a bit saturated. I really love the colors in your photos. I don’t like much Android, I still miss the windows phone, but it just gives me a headache to imagine what you would have to do to make it work in a system that has so many different devices, with different versions of the O.S. and hardware differences. For example I take daily one photo with Pink Camera app, sounds pink but has nice filters, it can only use the wide angle camera and without distortion correction, whatsapp seems to use the wide angle camera too, a nightmare 😀

    • Ritchie Roesch · March 4, 2022

      I used to have a Windows phone, too (Nokia Lumia 1020). It was actually really good… but lacked apps. I feel, too, that VSCO was “better” in its earlier days, although I’m not exactly sure why. You point out an issue with making a camera app for Android: huge variety of hardware and software. Each will render pictures different. There’s even a little of that with iPhone, but it is much more uniform, so it’s much less of an issue. I appreciate the comment!

  5. shuttersoundtr · March 4, 2022

    Wow great. I congratulate you, you have done an excellent job. Do you have any work for Android?

    • Ritchie Roesch · March 4, 2022

      Thanks so much! If it does well enough on iOS, it might come to Android. There’s definitely some added challenges to bring it to Android. I appreciate the feedback!

      • shuttersoundtr · March 5, 2022

        You’re welcome ! Good luck .

  6. Mec · April 7, 2022

    +1 on an Android app. If also possible to integrate this with the fujiXweekly app so we only have one app to use. I would be ok with paying more for it if ever. Congrats!

  7. Eddie · March 10

    I just started using and I love it. What would also be awesome is if you could make these presets into LR presets also that would be amazing.

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